Eye Conditions and Diseases

Do you have an eye infection or something more serious? Read medical articles on the symptoms & treatments for eye infections, eye diseases, and eye conditions.


closeup of milia bumps on cheek below the eye
Milia on your eyelid? What milia are and how to remove them

How to get rid of milia (tiny white or yellowish cysts) from your face, eyelids and under your eyes.

Ocular hypertension: 5 Causes of high eye pressure

Ocular hypertension (high eye pressure) significantly increases your glaucoma risk. Keep up with routine eye exams that include an eye pressure test.

Corneal abrasions: How to treat a scratched eye

Do you have a corneal abrasion? Learn the symptoms of a scratched cornea or scratched eye and the best treatments from the medical experts at All About Vision.

What causes burning eyes?

Burning eyes are uncomfortable, and their causes range from mild to serious. Find out what could be causing your eyes to burn or sting.