What are hooded eyes, and do I have them?

man with a hooded eye

What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are a genetic trait, just like most facial features. Hooded eyes are not a sign of an underlying eye condition. 

Do you have hooded eyes?

You can probably tell just by looking in the mirror whether you have hooded eyes. If most or all of your eyelid is covered by the skin under your brow bones when your eyes are open comfortably, then you have hooded eyes.

Celebrities with hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are not uncommon. In fact, some of Hollywood’s most stunning stars — Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Lucy Liu and Emma Stone, for example — proudly bat their hooded eyes on the silver screen.

Hooded eye challenges

People who wear makeup are more likely to be aware of their eye shape, and those with hooded eyes have to get creative when applying eye shadow. Their protruding brow bones create a “hood” over their eyelids, hiding any shadow or glitter applied to the lid.

Hooded eyes are often confused with droopy eyes

Hooded eyes are often confused with droopy eyes. While hooded eyes are hereditary, droopy eyes are usually the result of one or more underlying conditions.

Droopy eyes are characterized by sagging eyelids (as opposed to a strong brow). This can impact just one or both eyelids. If your eyelid covers the top of your iris or your pupil when your eyes are open comfortably, then you have droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis.

Causes of droopy eyelids include aging, injury or an aftereffect of cataract surgery or other corrective eye surgery. Other causes of droopy eyelids include a problem with the muscles lifting the eyelid, an eye tumor, neurological disorder or systemic disease like diabetes.

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