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Arnette sunglasses: Top styles, cost and where to buy

pair of Arnette sunglasses

If you love to lean into street style and prefer pop art colors and a 90s vibe, Arnette sunglasses will add a unique spin to your look.

Arnette’s laid-back California roots inspired their sunglasses used for fishing, surfing and other outdoor sports. Over the past few years, the brand has transitioned to an edgy, urban vibe through collaborations with musicians like Post Malone and Zayn Malik.

About Arnette

Arnette got its start in 1992 in California.

“Born in the 1990s, Arnette has maintained its rebellious character and its connection to the younger generations,” according to manufacturer, EssilorLuxottica. “Choosing to evolve from its California surf-n-skate roots to the city streets, the brand remains true to the casual style that has always been its trademark.”

Arnette’s target customer takes a relaxed approach to life, enjoys having fun with friends, feels at home in the city and values sustainability.

Arnette sunglasses 

Arnette sunglasses reflect the brand’s new identity as a hip, modern brand inspired by street style so you can make a fashion statement while protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

Arnette sunglasses have these design features in common:

  • Modern updates on vintage shapes

  • Inspiration drawing on street style and pop culture

  • A wide range of color choices from muted to bright

  • Fun lens color options, including bright yellow, teal and light pink

The Arnette brand also makes sustainability a priority. Arnette offers frames made from eco-friendly bioacetate that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. 

What is bioacetate? It’s an innovative material made from biomass and plant materials such as castor oil. Arnette also uses sustainable packaging made partly from recycled materials.

The Arnette sustainability manifesto states: “We refuse to pretend that climate change isn’t real, which is why we’ve decided to start turning ourselves into the brand that the future needs to be.”

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Arnette popular sunglasses styles

Arnette makes unisex sunglasses in a variety of shapes and styles. 

Check out these 10 popular styles of Arnette sunglasses:

  • Clayface – a sporty wraparound style with tapered temples and Arnette logo. Clayface comes in five colors, including black with yellow lenses, gray with gray lenses and orange with orange lenses.

  • Deep Ellum – a 90s-inspired style. Deep Ellum is available in five colors including brown tortoiseshell and black with blue lenses.

  • Drophead – features round metal vintage inspired frames with a 70s look. Choose from among five color options, including frames with teal or pink mirrored lenses.

  • Gojira – a new take on 50s vintage frames. Gojira is available in pop art colors like black with yellow lenses as well as classic colors like tortoiseshell.

  • GTO – a modern take on the popular aviator style. The GTO features a bold frame with a wide temple in five color options including matte black.

  • Gullwing – a modern shape with bold frames. Gullwing has a logo and four color options, including two new tie-dye looks, as well as black and crystal clear frames.

  • Skye – futuristic geometric shield frames. Skye shades come in five color options, including black, gray and light green.

  • Titan II – a superhero-inspired style. The Titan II wraparound shades are available in five colors, including black, violet and bright yellow.

  • Woobat – wide frames inspired by street style. Woobat sunglasses make a statement in six fun colors that include matte black frames with pink lenses and clear frames with gray lenses.

  • Zoro – an update on a classic rectangular frame, Zoro is available in seven colors, including black frames with gray lenses and clear frames with yellow lenses.

In addition to these popular styles, Arnette makes an array of other sunglasses. If you browse the styles on their website, you’re sure to find one that fits your look.

How much do Arnette sunglasses cost?

Arnette sunglasses make our list of best sunglasses you can buy for under $100 twice, so they offer a good balance between quality and cost. The price of Arnette sunglasses typically ranges between $85 and $135, but it’s possible to find a deal on Arnette sunglasses.

For example, Sunglass Hut offers some styles of Arnette sunglasses on sale for about half off the original price. So savvy shoppers can get a pair of Arnette sunglasses at a substantial discount by hunting for a deal or waiting for a sale.

Arnette sunglasses warranty and service requests

EssilorLuxottica provides an Arnette sunglasses warranty. Customers should first contact the retailer where they purchased the sunglasses, but they can also contact EssilorLuxottica to place a warranty repair service request.

This warranty also applies to other EssilorLuxottica sunglasses and glasses brands including Armani Exchange, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Valentino and Versace.

Which celebrities wear Arnette sunglasses?

The Arnette brand has collaborated with several celebrities. In 2019, Arnette introduced a collaboration with rapper Post Malone. The rapper stated that Arnette made one of the first pairs of sunglasses he ever owned.

Arnette also recently launched a line of sunglasses and eyeglasses in collaboration with British singer Zayn Malik. The Zayn x Arnette line features designs that draw from early video games and street art style. 

Glasses in the line are embellished with details inspired by the artist, including his sign, his latest hit record and names of his beloved retro sports cars. 

Where to buy Arnette sunglasses

You can buy Arnette shades online or in retail shops. There are no Arnette sunglasses for sale on the Arnette website, but it’s a great place to browse and see new plus currently available styles. There are dozens of styles featured at Arnette.com.

Ready to buy a new pair of sunglasses? You can find Arnette sunglasses for sale online or in shops like:

  • Sunglass Hut – One of the top Arnette retailers, Sunglass Hut offers dozens of styles, some on sale. You can purchase sunglasses online or in Sunglass Hut retail stores.

  • LensCrafters  – LensCrafters offers several styles of Arnette sunglasses, including Arnette GTO, Lizard and Type Z.

  • Target Optical – Another option for buying Arnette sunglasses is Target Optical. While Target doesn’t have as wide a selection as Sunglass Hut, they do offer a range of styles.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of sunglasses that provide protection from UV rays and look cool while doing so, Arnette shades may be a great choice for you.

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