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Oakley prescription glasses

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If you wear glasses at home or work (or the drive in between), you already know that quality frames and lenses can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one. Oakley prescription glasses are an excellent choice for anyone who needs vision correction for work or play. 

That’s because Oakley has been a leader in the eyewear industry for decades — and you can count on their cutting-edge products to be durable and stylish. 

While the California-based brand first became famous in the 1980s for making sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, today they have something for everyone. 

Prescription Oakley glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. 

You can buy prescription Oakley glasses online, or at brick-and-mortar stores which typically have a section for brand-name glasses where you might find Oakleys. 

Just be sure to have your most updated vision prescription on hand so you can shop with confidence, knowing you’re choosing the right Oakley glasses for you.

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Oakley technology

Oakley made a name for itself in 1986 with the introduction of its Blade sunglasses. Though expensive, the sleek look and vivid colors were eye-catching to consumers.

The company reinvested those early financial gains back into itself. Dedicated to innovation in their industry, Oakley developed numerous proprietary materials for their eyewear, particularly for its frames and lenses. 

When talking about Oakley frames, you’re likely to hear terms such as:

  • Unobtanium

  • O-matter

  • X-metal

  • Switchlock technology

  • O-luminum

Unobtanium is Oakley’s patented rubber. Most of the brand’s glasses frames incorporate at least some of this material, which is composed of a hydrophilic substance meant to absorb liquid. 

As it absorbs liquid, Unobtanium becomes slightly tacky, causing it to better stick to your skin. Used on the nose pieces and arms of Oakley’s glasses, Unobtanium grips and “earsocks” are typically removable for easy cleaning.

O-matter is the proprietary material used in the frames of most Oakley prescription glasses — the nylon-based plastic is known for its durability and flexibility— though some frames are made with titanium or other alloys instead.

Oakley also has a handful of unique technologies for their lenses, including:

  • Iridium

  • Plutonite

  • High-definition optics (HDO)

  • Prizm

Iridium lens coating gives Oakley prescription sunglasses their reflective quality. This coating is achieved by superheating metal oxides and bonding them with the lenses at the molecular level. When combined with the Plutonite lenses, the result is a pair of glasses that will last a decade, if not longer.

Choosing Oakley glasses for durability, fit and style

Oakley’s prescription glasses for men, women and children combine the brand’s innovative lens technology with a creative array of frame styles to suit every face shape, so you can look and feel your best.

These glasses feature the brand’s Authentic Prescription lenses, which are made with Stealth technology to help reduce glare and smudges, making Oakleys an excellent option for everyday use.

Men’s Oakley prescription glasses 

Oakley prescription glasses for men come in various shapes and colors, plenty of them in the thick, durable style for which the brand is known. 

Consider the Holbrook Rx model, for instance. Its O-matter frames come in black, brown and even clear, with stylish rivets that add a little bit of an industrial touch.

For lighter, sleeker glasses, there’s the Wheel House frame design — while thinner, these are made with the same high-quality materials as the more outdoorsy models. 

Sportier options include the extensive Crosslink collection (Crosslink Fit, Crosslink Pitch, Crosslink Zero, etc.), Cogswell and Litebeam, among many others.

Oakley prescription glasses for women

Women’s prescription Oakleys also come in various styles in all the colors of the rainbow. From the modern Apparition to the classic cat-eyed Halifax, there is a frame design for everyone.

The Apparition is a lightweight and understated design. Despite its sleek look, the frames are made with a durable Nano-matter front, stainless steel temples and Unobtanium earsocks. 

Halifax frames, meanwhile, are a combination of new and old — retro design inspiration meets space-age technology. The frames are made with a blend of C-5 alloy and O-matter for resilience and flexibility. 

For another update on the cat-eye style, consider the Top Knot model, a chic and trendy design available in a range of fun colors, including amber, brick red and amethyst.

Oakley prescription glasses for kids

When it comes to playing, nobody is harder on their equipment than kids. From organized sports to afternoons with their friends, kids need glasses that can keep up with them — but, which features to consider when shopping for your child’s newest pair?

Once you have the most updated prescription for your kid’s vision needs, you’ll likely be most concerned with durability when it comes to glasses. 

That’s where Oakley comes in — their prescription kids’ glasses deliver protection, longevity, style and comfort.

The Flak model, for instance, is known for its toughness and features plenty of O-matter and Unobtanium in all the right places. 

Or, you can consider the Tail Whip. Made with a young person’s facial anatomy in mind, these glasses offer comfort and style that encourage your child to wear them while helping to keep them safe.

The Barspin XS (extra small) or the Steel Plate XS might be a better fit for everyday wear. The Barspin is part of the youth Rx Collection and is specifically designed for younger customers, providing top-notch comfort and Oakley’s C-5 alloy’s durability. 

The Steel Plate XS model is a smaller version of the adult design, but tailored for children in the 8-13 range. 

No matter which Oakley design you choose, keep in mind that the more comfortable the child, the more likely they are to keep their glasses on.

Shop Oakley prescription glasses: Men | Women | Kids

Play harder, and safer, with Oakleys

Even when it’s time for fun, you still need to be able to see well — having the right eyewear is essential. 

Whether you’re spending long hours in front of your computer playing video games or skiing in the mountains, Oakley makes glasses for you.

Heading outside? Consider Oakley prescription sunglasses, which combine toughness with style. An ultra-function model such as the Gascan may be right up your alley. It is as solid-looking as the name implies — everything you’d expect from Oakley. A more urban choice might be the Feedback aviator-style frames, or the flattering Mainlink design.

If your idea of fun involves a keyboard or game controller, Oakley still has you covered. Oakley’s Authentic Prescription lenses offer a Prizm technology option for enhanced color contrast. Prizm lenses also give you sharper vision and 40% blue-light filtering.

There’s more to eyeglasses than just lenses, however, and Oakley has gone all-in on their support for gamers, offering frames that are headset compatible. Partnering with Turtle Beach, Oakley provides the complete package that lets you play at your best for longer.

Oakley prescription safety glasses

Oakley safety glasses harken back to the style and functionality that initially put the company on the map. With their dedication to resilience and protection, Oakley understands safety to a tee.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rates many products, including eyewear. Their standards are used by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While that’s a mouthful to say, all this means is that, to meet OSHA standards, prescription safety glasses in America must be ANSI Z87.1 certified.

While Oakley has a long track record of delivering high-impact resistant glasses, they recently started stamping their lenses and frames according to the ANSI standard. 

Additionally, in response to COVID-19, Oakley has added a line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) glasses. These are similar to the non-PPE variety, but the O-matter frames have been made chemical resistant. Now you can be confident that your prescription Oakley safety glasses have all the bases covered.

Some of Oakley’s Standard Issue (SI) safety glasses include:

  • SI M Frame 2.0 Industrial

  • Industrial M Frame 3.0 PPE

  • SI Det Cord Industrial (you can also get these with Prizm lens technology)

  • SI Tombstone 

Standard Issue is Oakley’s discount program for members of the military as well as first responders. These products are more robust, more durable and often compatible with night-vision and other electronics.

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Where to buy Oakleys

With so many options available, it may take you a while to figure out which Oakley prescription glasses are right for you. Once you do, you have a few options for purchasing them.

The Oakley website is a great place to start, as they have pages and pages of their products. They’re also the go-to for replacement parts for your Oakley prescription glasses, including new earsocks to nose pieces.

If you already have your prescription, another choice is a quality online retailer such as Lenscrafters. These are an excellent option for buying regular eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses online.

For a face-to-face experience (or if you need a new prescription), there are always brick-and-mortar stores, including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Vision Source. A quick online search for “Oakley prescription glasses near me” or “Oakley prescription glasses dealer” should be all you need to find the glasses you’re seeking at a local retailer.

Regardless of where (or how) you shop, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a product with over four decades of research and development behind it.

You will also be getting glasses that come with Oakley’s respected support and customer care.

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