Learn which features are important for sunglasses, including information on performance, prescription, polarized, kids' and designer sunglasses.


woman outside wearing gradient sunglasses
Gradient vs Polarized Sunglasses

Learn the pros and cons of each sunglass lens type.

How to find the best scratch-resistant sunglasses

While no sunglasses lenses are 100% scratch-proof, you can purchase scratch-resistant lenses next time you’re in the market for new sunglasses. You can even have a scratch-resistant coating added to sunglasses you already own and love.

Designer shades: Are they really worth it?

Are expensive sunglasses worth the price? They're usually made of higher-quality materials and are durable, inexpensive sunglasses do offer same protection.

6 best sunglasses for water sports in 2024

The best sunglasses for water sports should protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays and the intense reflection off the water.