LASIK Eye Surgery

Tired of wearing eyeglasses or contacts? Are you researching for more information about LASIK? Is LASIK right for you? Learn more and get tips about LASIK.


artificial tears after lasik surgery
What you should know about using artificial tears for dry eyes post-LASIK

We provide a guide to post-LASIK eye drops, making it easy to keep your eyes hydrated and healthy after vision surgery.

Does LASIK eye surgery correct astigmatism?

Do you know what LASIK and astigmatism have in common? All About Vision explains how LASIK can fix astigmatism by providing a permanent corrective solution.

A timeline for LASIK surgery recovery

Do you know how long it takes for LASIK eye surgery recovery? All About Vision explains how eyes heal quickly but LASIK surgery recovery takes a few months.

What to expect after LASIK: Top 20 FAQs

What happens after LASIK? Learn about recovery time, things to avoid, follow-up exams, when you can drive and more.