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How to limit your child’s screen time with digital apps

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Too much screen time can cause eye strain, irritability and other discomfort for kids. It can also raise their risk for myopia, also known as nearsightedness. 

By limiting your child’s screen time, you can help protect their developing eyesight and encourage them to find a balance between technology and the world outside of the screen. 

Use this cheat sheet to limit kids' screen time —  from YouTube and Snapchat to Xbox One and more. 


Talk to your kids about screen time

It’s important for your child to understand why too much screen time can be harmful to their eyes, attitude and lifestyle. So be sure to talk to them about screen limits and why they are a good thing!

Do note that even though cutting back on screen time may help reduce the risk of myopia, there is no guarantee that your child will not develop nearsightedness. The condition is common and depends on more than just technology use. 

Make sure you monitor your child’s eye health with a comprehensive eye exam every year and get them the right vision correction when needed.

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