Guide for buying prescription eyeglasses, including understanding your prescription, eyeglass lens options, frame materials, frame shapes, and much more.
eye doctor holding up a pair of eyeglasses
How Strong Is My Eye Prescription?

Find out how to use the numbers and letters in your prescription to determine how bad your eye prescription is.

Woman wearing rectangular shaped eyeglasses
The best glasses for long faces

Long faces have options when it comes to selecting frame styles. Learn more and get your prescription to order the best pair of glasses for your face shape.

Woman with eye strain holding glasses
5 signs your glasses don’t fit

You’ve found what appears to be the perfect set of eyeglass frames to match your unique style, but the fit falls flat. Does it fit? Signs your glasses don't fit.

Man wearing night driving glasses while driving
Night Driving Glasses: Help or Hoax?

It can be hard to see clearly while you're driving at night. Find out if night driving glasses with yellow lenses can really help you see better during nighttime driving.