The biggest benefit of vision insurance is it covers or cuts the cost of eye exams and medical eye care. Learn more about the benefits of Vision Insurance.


woman being fitted with eyeglasses
VSP vision insurance: How to get the most from your benefits

Want to save money on your next eye exam and new eyewear? Learn how to use your VSP vision insurance benefits wisely when purchasing eye care and eyewear.

Using vision insurance, FSAs or HSAs for sunglasses

Vision insurance may cover part of your next sunglasses purchase, as long as certain conditions are met.

Laid off? How to save on needed eye care

It can be stressful wondering how to get eye care if you were laid off and don’t have vision insurance. Eye care is still accessible through a variety of options, even if you’ve been laid off and lost your insurance, including purchasing your own vision insurance plan.

Does vision insurance cover virtual visits?

Does your health or vision insurance cover telehealth visits? Read All About Vision's article on telehealth visits and virtual health care insurance coverage.