Cataract Surgery

Our Cataract Surgery Guide covers the basics of surgery, complications from surgery and ways to speed your recovery. Get the info from All About Vision.
Cataract sunglasses: Why they are important, and how to find the best pair

Quality cataract sunglasses that protect the eyes from UV rays are a critical part of post-cataract surgery recovery.

Is it possible to get rid of cataracts naturally?

There are no scientifically proven natural cures for cataracts, but some naturopathic doctors report improvements with homeopathic methods.

Should you have cataract surgery amidst COVID-19 concerns?

Coronavirus concerns are understandable, but patients need to know that cataract surgery and other medical procedures are safe.

Is marijuana helpful when used for cataracts? What about CBD?

There is no proven evidence that marijuana or CBD can treat cataracts or its symptoms, though research is being done on other possible natural remedies.