Types of Sunglasses

Learn the differences between the most popular types of sunglasses including aviator, browline, and more. Then find out which type will be best for you.


woman outside wearing gradient sunglasses
Gradient vs Polarized Sunglasses

Learn the pros and cons of each sunglass lens type.

Perks of Different Sunglass Lens Tints

Explore the benefits of various sunglass lens tints to find the best fit for your style.

Clip-on sunglasses: What are they and where to buy them

Consider clip-on sunglasses if you want to wear your glasses and shield from the sun. We’ll explore the best brands, available UV protection and best fit.

Can you put progressive lenses in sunglasses?

Progressive lenses are common in glasses, but can you get them in sunglasses? These specialty lenses are available as long as the frames accommodate lenses.