Contact Lenses

Here you'll find everything you need to know about contact lenses: where to buy, how to get the best comfort and vision, and much more helpful advise.


disposable contact lens containers
Daily vs. monthly contacts: Which are better for you?

Daily vs monthly contacts? Our guide looks at the differences in contacts when it comes to how long they last, safe for overnight use, cost and care.

Don’t flush contact lenses. Recycle them

Throwing contact lenses down the toilet or in the trash is bad, but recycling contact lenses takes some effort on your part. See how you can recycle your old lenses.

Traveling with your contact lenses? These 9 tips will help

Nine travel tips for contact lenses include pack a backup pair of lenses or glasses, and your prescription. Another tip? Don't wear your contacts in the water.

Smart contacts coming with AR, health monitoring and more

Smart contact lenses coming soon. As new technology revolutionize contact lenses, this will bring many benefits to your eye health and vision.