Eye Nutrition

What foods have benefits for the eyes? Should I be taking supplements for my eyes? Learn all about why good nutrition is important to your eye health.
young girl eating carrots and wearing eyeglasses
Why are carrots good for your eyes?

Are carrots good for your eyes? AllAboutVision explores whether or not carrots, which contain vitamin A, are good for your eyes ans if they decrease your risk of developing eye diseases.

Sorry, chocolate fans. Dark chocolate may not boost vision after all

Can dark chocolate improve your vision? Research published in 2018 suggested it can, but a 2019 study found no link between eating chocolate and better visual acuity.

How better nutrition can improve your vision

Info for teens about good nutrition for healthy eyes and vision, including vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids, bioflavonoids and more.

illustration of an eye with healthy foods
Nutrition for healthy eyes

Dr. Gary Heiting discusses vitamins and nutrition for eye health, including eye benefits, food sources and RDA of important vitamins and micronutrients.