Refractive Errors

Are you curious if refractive errors can be corrected? Are you looking for options to refractive errors? At All About Vision learn more about refractive errors.


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5 Ways the Pandemic Could Be Affecting Your Child’s Eyesight

COVID-19 may be behind a global increase in myopia (nearsightedness) in children. Learn how to lower their risk factors for myopia.

Study Shows Childhood Myopia Is on the Rise During the Pandemic

A 2021 study noted a likely link between increased screen time and myopia in children due to changing habits during the coronavirus pandemic.

What Is Bilateral Myopia?

Bilateral myopia is nearsightedness that affects both eyes. Learn more about myopia, including the symptoms and how it can be corrected.

Degenerative Myopia: The Basics

Pathologic myopia is a type of myopia, not a degree of severity. Learn how pathologic myopia differs from degenerative myopia and high myopia.