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For chic designer eyewear: Valentino sunglasses and glasses

Valentino retail window display with mannequin wearing sunglasses

If you’re drawn to elegance with a little edge, check out eyewear from Valentino — the Italian fashion brand favored by movie stars and royalty the world over.

Maison Valentino — more commonly known as Valentino — was introduced in Rome in 1960 and has become world famous as a symbol of high fashion. In 2017, Valentino established a partnership with global eyewear company Luxottica to produce and sell Valentino eyewear.

About the Valentino brand

Maison Valentino was started in Italy by the designer–entrepreneur duo of Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti.

The brand rose to fame in the world of Italian high fashion and around the globe. In 1967, Valentino gained more prestige by winning the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award. Valentino clients at the time included legendary film stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as European royalty.

The Valentino brand makes haute couture and ready-to-wear lines for men and women. They design clothing and accessories, including eyewear, bags, ties, scarves, shoes and fragrances.

”Lightness, grace and precious delicacy are the DNA of the Valentino brand.” The Valentino brand is also recognized for its values of:

  • Tradition

  • Innovation

  • Timeless elegance

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Valentino sunglasses

Valentino sunglasses are designed to reflect the quality and elegant style expected of “Made In Italy” wares. Many Valentino sunglasses are “prescription-friendly,” which means they can be fit with prescription tinted lenses.

A handful of popular women’s and men’s Valentino sunglasses styles, all of which provide 100% UV protection, include:

  • VLogo Signature Hexagonal Acetate Frames – These oversized women’s sunglasses in a soft-edge hexagonal shape are available in two colors: black frames with gradient black lenses and ivory frames with gradient purple lenses. 

  • Studded Round Acetate Frames – This classic style features a metallic stud detail on the temples. And you can get them in one of two colors: black with gray lenses and red or “bordeaux” with gradient gray lenses. 

  • VLogo Signature Acetate Cat-Eye Frames – These “bold acetate cat-eye frames” feature a Valentino logo at the temple available in five eye-catching colors, including red with red lenses, tortoise with brown lenses and green with light gray lenses. 

  • VLogo Pilot Metal Frame – These stylish metal shades put a unique twist on the classic aviator style. They feature a Valentino logo inset in the double bridge of the frame as well as an acetate sweat bar detail and are available in two colors: gold with black lenses and gold with pale blue lenses. 

  • Squared Frame Acetate Sunglasses – These men’s Valentino sunglasses boast an edgy square frame with a row of metallic studs across the top of the frame. They come in two frame colors: black and red.

When shopping for shades, it’s always a good idea to look for sunglasses that not only look great but provide 100% UV protection, just like all of the Valentino styles featured here. 

Valentino glasses

If you love chic, Italian design, consider Valentino frames for your next pair of eyeglasses. You can get Valentino glasses online or at many eye doctor offices and optical shops.

Like the designer sunglasses, Valentino eyeglasses come in a range of shapes that include: aviator, cat-eye, round and square. Many Valentino frames offer several color options, including black, red and tortoise. 

It is also common to find the Valentino logo on the stems or at the temples, and some feature other unique details like metallic studs across the top of the frame.

A few examples of current Valentino eyeglasses styles include:

  • Valentino cat-eye glasses – A popular style of Valentino eyeglasses in a rounded cat-eye shape made from acetate. The frames come in two colors, including black with pink arms featuring metallic stud details. 

  • Valentino geometric glasses – These oversized frames from Valentino showcase an “irregular” geometric shape with soft edges and V-shaped cut-outs in the arms. They are available in two colors: black and tortoise.

  • Valentino wire-rim glasses – One style of Valentino wire-rim glasses are available in gold and pale gold, feature an irregular shape and look great paired with a matching logo glasses chain.

  • Valentino eyeglasses with studs – For those who prefer an edgier look, this popular style of Valentino frames features a row of metallic studs across the top of the frame and comes in black and red.

When choosing a frame, it’s best to consider your face shape, the strength of your prescription and whether you need single-vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. 

An eye care professional can help you narrow down your choices as well as lens material and any lens coatings.

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Where to buy Valentino eyewear

You can buy Valentino glasses and sunglasses online or in-person if you prefer to try on different styles before making a commitment. A few places to buy Valentino eyewear include:

  • On the Valentino website – You can purchase these designer mens and women’s sunglasses at Prices range from around $235 for Valentino sunglasses on sale to just under $550 for higher-end styles.

  • LensCrafters – LensCrafters carries a large selection of Valentino eyeglasses and sunglasses. Plus, you can get an eye exam, update your prescription and try on Valentino frames to find one that works best for you and your prescription. 

  • Department stores – You can buy Valentino sunglasses online or in-person at high-end department stores, including Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Just keep in mind that you may not have quite as wide a selection as you’d find on the Valentino site or at LensCrafters.

Do eye doctors carry Valentino eyeglasses?

Does your eye doctor sell designer eyewear? If so, there’s a good chance your eye professional may sell Valentino frames.

If you’re interested in Valentino glasses or sunglasses, ask if your eye doctor carries the brand. Then schedule an eye exam, try on some frames and get advice on what works best for you.

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