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Coach sunglasses deliver sleek style and top-tier performance

Coach brand of sunglasses

When it comes to iconic American fashion brands, few have Coach’s solid pedigree and impressive staying power — after all, they’ve been crafting luxury leather goods since 1941. 

By the 1960s, the brand was also designing eyewear, though they didn’t launch a full line of glasses and sunglasses until the early 2000s. 

Today, Coach sunglasses are a coveted accessory, beloved by discerning fashionistas the world over. These sophisticated, high-end shades are available in a range of elegant designs and models to suit every taste. 

If you’re interested in buying a pair, you’ll want to know more about Coach brand eyewear so you can select the style that’s just right for you.

Why buy Coach sunglasses?

Coach was established in New York City in 1941, with six talented artisans crafting sumptuous leather bags and other fine accessories. Right from the start, consumers with refined tastes snapped up the well-made products.

Over time, Coach expanded its line to include chic leather clothing, outerwear, footwear and lifestyle accessories for women and men, all of which feature modern styling with a classic feel.

More recently, the brand’s designer shades have become available at upmarket shopping venues and select online retailers. Striking Coach women’s sunglasses (there’s a smaller collection of Coach sunglasses for men) offer a strong style statement while reflecting the brand’s timeless appeal.

Coach eyewear is a favorite in the luxury fashion and accessories market thanks to top-quality materials, durability and impeccable design. 

On top of all that, every single pair of these designer sunglasses provides complete UV protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays — a top priority no matter which style or brand you choose.

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Types of Coach sunnies  

With Coach’s range of sleek shades, you can expect modern styling and top-quality frames in metal or plastic. Signature silhouettes, or Coach sunglass frames, complement a variety of facial types. 

Many of these shades are available with your choice of gold or silver metal for the hardware, while frame color options include rose-gold, gold, brown, blue and more.

Pilot silhouette

Coach aviator sunglasses are inspired by the classic style worn by military pilots starting in the 1930s. Traditionally, these were characterized by metal frames with a slight teardrop shape, though this has evolved over time. 

For a modern twist, check out:

  • Shaded Pilot Sunglasses – This variation adds a little heft — and a lot of flair — by setting the traditional wire rims into a chunkier outer frame.

  • Wire Framed Navigator Sunglasses — These are nearly identical to standard aviators, only the frames are slightly rectangular or square.

Aviators complement most face shapes, especially oblong-shaped (long) faces, making them a very popular go-to style for many people. 

Cat-eye silhouette

Another classic, cat-eye frames impart a sense of glamour that never goes out of style. Coach cat-eye sunglasses are no exception.

The brand’s Signature Chain Cat-Eye Sunglasses model does it right, with bold frames in tortoiseshell or “aubergine” (eggplant) and the style's characteristic upsweep at the temples.

Another plus: These shades are durable and scratch-resistant, and their light weight makes them a breeze to wear. 

Cat-eye frames are ideal for heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces.

Geometric silhouettes

Round, square, hexagonal, oval...if you’re looking for unique Coach sunglass frames, you’ll find you have a lot to choose from on the brand’s website (and via other retailers).

Some interesting frame styles include:

  • Lunar New Year Wire Frame Round Sunglasses – For something exceptional, consider Coach’s red-hue frames (red is said to encourage luck and prosperity) with pretty pink lenses.

  • Horse and Carriage Butterfly Sunglasses Feminine and retro-looking, these Coach ladies’ sunglasses feature frames in a butterfly shape. This model is accented by Coach’s iconic horse and carriage logo.

  • Sculpted Signature Hexagon Sunglasses – These striking geometric frames — available in tortoiseshell, pink or black — boast metal temple arms with contemporary styling for just the right finishing touch. 

With such a wide selection of frame shapes, materials and sizes, you’re sure to find a pair of non-prescription shades (also called “plano” sunglasses) that are fabulous and flattering — you’ll feel like the fashionista you are. 

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Coach prescription sunglasses

If you require prescription sunglasses and find a set of frames you can’t live without from Coach’s amazing collection, you’re in luck. After a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor can help you order the Coach prescription sunglasses that check all the boxes.

You can choose from plastic, metal and even hypoallergenic frames in many styles and colors. 

When your sunwear arrives, you’ll be able to see clearly and enjoy your outdoor activities, while protecting your eyes from UV light hazards.

Coach polarized sunglasses

To get optimum protection from reflected light glare, non-prescription Coach polarized sunglasses are the gold standard. The lenses use a filter that doesn’t allow reflected light from water (or other shiny-looking surfaces) to reach your eyes. Using Coach polarized sunglasses will give your eyes an extra layer of protection during your outdoor activities.

How to spot fakes

As designer brands become an increasingly important part of the fashion landscape, many knockoff (fake) products have entered the market. 

Naturally, you’d like to make sure the pair you’re about to buy are authentic Coach shades. By carefully evaluating the following features, you can learn more about the differences between the real deal and the counterfeits.

Check details on the branded box 

Every pair of new Coach eyewear comes in its own branded box. The package should feature the brand’s 19th-century horse and carriage logo, which has appeared on Coach products since the 1950s.

Confirm that the box’s logo and font match examples from the Coach website. Note that older Coach boxes may feature different font styles and/or colors.

Review logo and measurements/specs

The inner side of the left temple arm should display the eyewear’s frame and lens specifics — these dimensions should match those that appear on the website.

Meanwhile, the iconic Coach logo should appear on the inside right temple arm of the sunglasses. The model numbers, model name and initials “CE” (European Conformity) should also be visible.

For newer models, check the nose bud for the nose frame measurements; again, these dimensions should be identical to those that appear on the interior left temple arm.

Finally, the lens of the sunglasses should display a miniature etched Coach logo. This etching should be clear rather than blurred or hard to identify.

Don't forget the packaging

New Coach sunnies are packaged with a dust cloth. This cloth displays multiple back-to-back “CC” logo motifs. Compare the “CC” position and spacing with examples from the Coach website.

An information booklet should also accompany every pair — compare the position, spacing and font of the logo with those on the Coach website.

You also want to pay special attention to the booklet’s copy. Spelling errors and poor language or grammar usage indicate that the Coach brand did not produce the booklet.

Maintaining your Coach eyewear

Top quality sunglasses like the ones from Coach are a worthwhile investment. By cleaning them properly and promptly addressing any repairs or lens replacement issues, your eyewear should provide you with years of useful service.

Cleaning your sunglasses

Keeping your Coach sunwear clean is a straightforward task. First, gently blow off any dust or other debris with a can of compressed air.

Next, squeeze a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent (without moisturizing lotion) onto each lens. Add warm water and lightly rub the lenses until clean. Rinse with more warm water before drying with a soft microfiber cloth.

It’s important to note that you should never use alcohol, household cleaners or solvents to clean your lenses. In a similar vein, avoid using paper towels, facial tissues or any type of towels to dry the lenses. All of these items can scratch and/or damage the finish of your lenses.

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Finding a good Coach sunglasses case

By keeping your Coach eyewear in a substantial case, you’ll protect your sunglasses against scratches and/or impact damage. If you buy new shades from Coach, you’ll likely receive a hard case as part of the purchase.

If you don’t have a case, you can find hard and soft cases (including Coach clamshell cases) on the eBay online auction site. The Etsy online marketplace carries a good selection of handcrafted soft cases. Although they’re functional and pleasing to the eye, they don’t offer the protection of a hard eyewear case.

Warranties, repairs and replacement lenses

Your new Coach purchase comes with a two-year company warranty. During the first two years of normal use, sunglasses with defective material or substandard workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no charge. 

After the two-year warranty period ends, or if your glasses sustain damage that’s not related to the quality of materials, Luxottica (the manufacturer of Coach’s sunglasses) may provide paid repair services. The Luxottica Warranty and Repair Service Center can supply a Service Request Form. Or, an associate at a Coach sunglasses outlet can assist you with your repair service request.

If your lenses break, the Service Center can easily install replacement lenses provided through the company. Or, give a nearby optometric lab the business by getting your replacement lenses locally. 

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Where to buy Coach’s designer sunglasses

You can purchase Coach eyewear at a variety of brick-and-mortar venues. Examples include Belk, Macy’s and Target department stores (you can also shop via their websites). You may even encounter a Coach sunglasses sale on occasion when you shop in-person.

If you’re looking online, try Coach sunglasses outlets and independent eCommerce stores for finely crafted Coach merchandise — they also occasionally have sales. 

Websites to try include:

Finally, remember that eBay listings are always worth consideration. With numerous “Auction” and “Buy It Now” options available at any given time, you might find that Coach sunglasses eBay sellers are a great source for those special shades on your wish list.

Because you don’t want to miss anything, create an alert for Coach sunglasses eBay eyewear that meets your requirements. If a sale is in progress, that’s like icing on the cake.

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