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Versace glasses: Innovative and bold

A pair of classic rimless Versace glasses displayed with ivory glasses case

Versace’s line of prescription glasses and sunglasses is inspired by both vintage styles and current contemporary designs, combining technical innovation with the Versace brand’s essence: classic luxury and fearless design.  

Versace, the company

Versace was founded in 1978 when Giovanni “Gianni” Versace established his first boutique in Milan. Versace grew the business with his family, appointing his brother Santo as president and his sister Donatella as vice president. After Gianni’s early death at age 50, Santo became the company’s CEO, and Donatella became the new head of design. 

Since then, the company has joined forces with Capri Holdings Limited, Michael Kors Limited and Jimmy Choo, forming a new global luxury fashion group. 

Gianni Versace was inspired by his southern Italian heritage and, in particular, by Greco-Roman art, evident from the Medusa logo and other key Greek-influenced details found on Versace products.

In eyewear, Versace and Luxottica have an exclusive business deal. Luxottica is an Italian eyewear conglomerate and the largest eyewear company in the world. They develop, produce and distribute Versace prescription frames and sunglasses.

How to choose your Versace glasses

Manufactured using the latest technology and high-quality materials, Versace frames come in various trendsetting styles. Before deciding on your next pair of Versace sunglasses or Versace prescription glasses frames, consider these points:


Versace frames are all made of high-quality, durable materials. Even their rimless frames have strong metal temples. 

  • Monel metal – Lightweight and comfortable, this material can withstand impact and extreme temperatures, maintaining its stability and shape.

  • Acetate – Made from hypoallergenic cotton seed fibers and plasticizers. Acetate is lightweight, flexible and durable, and is available in innovative colors, textures and finishes. It is a popular choice for its flexible coloring and longer retention of its luster.

  • Stainless steel – Hypoallergenic and nickel-free, stainless steel is ideal for active sportspeople. The frames will keep their shape and will not rust or corrode when regularly exposed to wet conditions.

  • Propionate – A lightweight and bendable nylon-based plastic, propionate is hypoallergenic and slightly softer than other plastic frames. Propionate is ideal for sports and safety frames.

The shape of your face

The shape of your glasses can make or break your look of relaxed sophistication. Glasses that are too big for your face, too round, or too angular will spoil the whole effect, rendering you unhappy with your choice of frames. Once you have analyzed your face’s shape and worked out which type of glasses you should go for, you are sure to find a color and style that you like in the Versace collection. 

When determining if a particular pair of frames are right for you, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The width of your face – Never wear frames that are wider or narrower than your face.

  • The length of your face – If you have a long face, you should wear longer frames to keep your face in proportion. Likewise, if your face is short, don’t opt for frames with too much height. 

  • Your facial features – If you have a round face, don’t wear round glasses — go for angular glasses. If you have an angular face, round glasses will soften your angles. If your face is somewhere in the middle, any style will suit your face. 

If you have been wearing glasses for years, by now, you likely have worked out what suits you and what doesn’t. Most websites and opticians will have the measurements of the glasses available for you.

If in doubt, here is more information about facial shapes, along with some helpful diagrams.  

Eye health

A trendy pair of sunglasses is always going to make you look cool and elegant, but style is not as important as protecting your eyes. Constant exposure to glare from the sun can cause your eyes to tear, give you headaches and lead to long-term problems. 

UV protection

Even more damaging to our eyes than glare is our exposure to UV rays from the sun. We protect our skin from harmful sunlight, but we often neglect to look after our eyes. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s no need for protection on a cloudy day, either. UV rays penetrate the clouds. Even if you are not directly in the sun, the sun’s rays reflect off surfaces all around you and can be strong enough to cause damage and eyestrain.

There are two types of UV rays that are harmful to our eyes: UV-A and UV-B. Prolonged exposure to these rays can cause short-term sunburn of the eyes (called photokeratitis, or snow blindness) or even long-term damage like cataracts, macular degeneration or growths on the eyes (pterygium), among other eye-related conditions.

When you buy a pair of sunglasses, make sure that they have 100% UV protection. UV protection is a clear chemical coating added to the lenses at the time they are manufactured. A UV coating makes no difference to the tint of the glasses.

When ordering new Versace prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, ask your optician to include UV protection, especially if you use them outdoors or for driving. UV rays reflect off roads, glass windows and water, so you may be vulnerable to UV rays even when not in direct sunlight.


Polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks  a portion of the light hitting the lens. Light bounces around in waves, and polarized lenses block horizontal rays from entering your lenses, allowing only the vertical rays through. This helps reduce glare and allows you to see more clearly in bright sunlight. 

Polarized lenses are excellent for sports and outdoor activities. They are helpful for driving, too, but can make it difficult to read modern dashboards that have digital displays. Looking at computer screens and cellphones can also be a problem with polarized glasses.  

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses have a thin layer of reflective material on the outside of the lens, reflecting the sun’s rays away from the lens. This process reduces glare and thus eyestrain, making these glasses ideal for driving and playing sports. The mirror reflection on your sunglasses is available in various colors and has nothing to do with the actual color of your lenses. 

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses can eliminate the need for a separate pair of sunglasses. They are lenses that darken when you go out into the sun and lighten again when you get back indoors. These are ideal if your work or lifestyle takes you indoors and out again at regular intervals. 

Versace prescription glasses

Versace prescription eyewear comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Versace offers many frame styles, including elegant metal frames with a stylish dark brow line, full metal frames in gorgeous rose gold, and light, durable, square black frames. They even have alternate frames designed for people with high cheekbones and wide nose bridges. All of their glasses display the Versace Medusa logo or other key Greek-influenced details somewhere on the temple.

Check that your optician is an authorized Versace distributor so that you know your pair of Versace prescription glasses is the real deal.

Before your new Versace prescription glasses are made, decide on the features that you require. Available options include:

Once that is out of the way, take time and choose frames that fit your personal needs and style.  

Versace sunglasses 

Once you have taken care of the eye health details, there is sure to be a pair (or two) of Versace sunglasses you’ll fall in love with. Choose from their wide range of trendy, elegant — and sometimes totally outrageous — styles, in materials that suit your lifestyle and colors and shapes that go with your personality. 

The color of the lens is also an important consideration:

  • Gray – The most popular tint. Reduces glare and enables doesn’t affect color vision. 

  • Brown or amber – Enhance your contrast and depth perception, making them a good option for variable weather. 

  • Green – Minimizes glare, and thus eyestrain, and reduces color distortion. Suitable for general use. 

  • Yellow – Increases contrast, especially in cloudy conditions. Also filters out blue light, making yellow an ideal option for gamers and computer workers.

  • Pink or red – Great for sports activities, as pink improves your visual depth and reduces eye strain. Ideal for snow sports in particular.  

Non-prescription Versace sunglasses are available in a range of lens tints as well as some beautiful mirrored options. When you’re shopping for Versace sunglasses, choose a combination of frame, tint and mirroring that makes a statement about your personality.

Versace glasses for women

Versace rimless glasses in a rectangular shape are a fabulous choice for ladies. Made from propionate, these sunglasses are softer and more bendable than other frames. They have a strong brow line and stunning split temples — and, of course, feature an opulent gold Medusa logo in the middle of the temple. 

Versace women’s glasses include many other styles, including cat-eye frames. The cat-eye look is available in a range of different shapes to suit your face, all with the classic upturned outer edge and the Versace mark on the temple. Try Versace semi-rimless cat-eye glasses featuring a black browline rim, a metallic Medusa logo on the tip of the brow and crystal-encrusted temple arms. 

Versace glasses for men

The range of Versace  men’s glasses feels endless. Choose a shape suited to your face and opt for a sleek metal or dark plastic frame with the iconic Versace Greca style. 

You might also consider eccentric-looking round metal frames or a superb oversized semi-rimless lower frame in golden metal. These frames come in gold, red, pink and even a vintage tortoiseshell.

Versace sports eyewear

The more your sunglasses cover your eyes, the better your eyes are protected. For snow and water sports in particular, a pair of wraparound glasses is ideal to protect your peripheral vision and eliminate the glare that sneaks in the side of your sunglasses. 

Versace makes sleek and sophisticated rimless wraparounds in gunmetal or gray with metal temples. These have wide side-to-side vision, while protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight. 

Many other wraparound sunglass styles are available for men. Some have opulent gold detail, some with added mirror coatings that reflect light away from the eyes. 

Other sunglasses are semi-rimless and are unbroken across the bridge for better all-around vision. These glasses also dip down toward the cheekbones, eliminating glare from below.

Wear those Versaces!

You now have a better idea of your Versace eyeglass requirements. Go find a style or two that you like. If you are happy with your new look, you will get into the habit of wearing your glasses or sunglasses more frequently and reap the added benefits of reduced eye strain and fatigue. 

In the early days of his career, Gianni Versace had a style of his own. When international fashion designers were still turning out muted colors and simple designs, Versace caused a stir with his bold colors and risqué designs. This image is still evident in contemporary Versace creations — creations you can now wear with confidence knowing you are on the cutting edge of innovation and style.

If you have decided that Versace glasses or sunglasses are for you, you can buy non-prescription sunglasses directly from Versace online. If you want Versace prescription glasses, you can find them at many online retailers, like FramesDirect.com, or at local optical stores. Make sure to visit your eye doctor to get a current prescription before ordering your favorite style.

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