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8 best sunglasses for under $100 in 2024

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It’s possible to be made in the shade(s) on a budget

You know you need to get new sunglasses ASAP because your trusty old pair is damaged, outdated or, more likely, lost. (Did you check under the backseat of your car, or in the depths of the backpack you took on your last vacation?)

But the cost! Between frames, lenses and accessories (yes, you need a case and a microfiber cleaning cloth), it can really add up — especially if you are partial to designer looks and superior craftsmanship. 

Fortunately, you don’t actually have to choose between price and quality. It is entirely possible to get a really great pair of stylish and durable sunglasses without the sticker shock you might expect. 

In fact, affordable sunglasses options are plentiful, and we’ve rounded up the best sunglasses for you under $100 (and some are well under $100). 

1. Good Vibrations Aviator Sunglasses, $39

Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Al Pacino in Scarface. Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. Need we say more? Aviators make an impression, and you don’t need the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster to snatch up a pair of your own. 

Available in black, gold and silver, the Good Vibrations Aviator has hundreds (literally, hundreds) of five-star reviews. And unlike some shades, which are unequivocally masculine or feminine, the classic aviator style looks great on everyone. 

If you need to add prescription lenses or special features, get excited — you can! Will it up the cost into the unaffordable zone? Nope! An extra $20 will get you the quality prescription lenses you need. Note: The cost to add multifocal prescription lenses is significantly higher.

2. Sunski Makani Sunglasses in Blonde Tortoise Aqua, $58

With bright yellow frames and ocean-blue lenses, these sunglasses aren’t just great for a summer day at the beach; they look like a summer day at the beach. 

And if that isn’t enough, the Makani comes with a lifetime warranty, offers maximum UV protection with its polarized lenses and is even constructed with Sunski’s own proprietary recycled materials (sustainability is a priority for the brand). 

These sunglasses are also available in Tortoise Purple, Honey Ocean and Sienna Terra Face. But honestly, we’re partial to the summery Blonde Tortoise Aqua. 

3. Barbara Cat Eye Sunglasses, $39.95

This subtle cat-eye frame from proves basic can be anything but boring. The sparkle detail adds that little something extra without being over the top.

And no need to hem and haw over color. The Barbara shades get straight to the point — they come in black/silver only. You do have choices on your lenses, of course. Polarized, mirrored, prescription and even readers are available.

4. Oakley OO9316 Thinlink Sunglasses, $77

If you need sunglasses for fishing, hiking or any other outdoor activity, you can never go wrong with Oakleys. They look great, of course, plus they’re high-performance and durable. 

The choices are pretty much endless when it comes to Oakleys, so why this particular pair? First of all, at under $100, these are a veritable steal — especially considering that most Oakley styles will set you back $200 or more. 

Plus, Oakley sunglasses are known for durability and comfort. Not just a win, but a win-win-win. We’re obsessed with these matte black frames + jade iridium lenses. But they’re also available with polished black frames + black lenses, dark grey frames + sapphire iridium lenses and grey smoke frames + grey lenses.  

5. Arnette GTO Sunglasses, $99

Looking to up your street cred? The Arnette GTO sunglasses in Tie-Dye Brown Blue are just for you. High style but still very wearable, the GTO is made of durable acetate and is ideally suited for square face shapes. But the pilot–shield frame shape should look pretty great on any face shape.

Also available in black/grey. Prescription lenses are available too, but they will cost you quite a bit more.

6. Armani Exchange Tortoise/Gold Sunglasses, $72

With sleek tortoise frames and silver-mirrored lenses, these affordable sunnies from Armani Exchange are elegant, sophisticated and the perfect balance of trendy and classic. You’ll want to reach for them every day, whether you’re dressed to the nines or just chilling in distressed denim and flip-flops. 

Prefer a more mysterious vibe? These sleek shades are also available in shiny black frames with grey lenses. And if you’re looking for fun, try the shiny grey frames with brown mirror orange lenses. Somehow all three appear decidedly different despite the fact that the colors are the only variant. 

At this price, maybe grab all three for a no-nonsense approach to changing up your look now and then? 

7. LeSpecs Air Heart Sunglasses, $39.99

If you decide to go for these swank (yet budget-friendly) sunglasses, be prepared — the paparazzi might mistake you for Meghan Markle, who made them famous when she wore them to her baby shower in 2018. Or, you may just turn a few heads. 

Either way, you are going to look good while wearing these semi-geek-chic shades. Plus, they also offer great eye protection. Available in black charcoal, other varying versions of black, caramel, oatmeal, a few shades of tort (a.k.a. tortoise), emerald, navy and bourbon. (Note: Some versions are $69, but we think that’s still a steal!) 

8. Deja Vu Round Sunglasses, $25

Big, round, bold, cat-eye, aviator. When it comes to sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with any of them. But sometimes, you just need something a little more understated. That’s where these classic round sunglasses come in. The Deja Vu Round Sunglasses in cassis are simple, yes, but they are also extraordinarily stylish and exceptionally rated. 

Add mirrored lenses if you want some additional customization, and don’t forget you can get them with polarized or prescription lenses too (for a nominal upcharge). Also available in black, brown/tortoise and, if understated isn’t really your thing, blue/floral. 

Ready to shop for sunglasses?

Maybe some of our best sunglasses under $100 caught your eye. Maybe just talking about sunglasses has you eager to visit an optical store near you or shop online for your dream sunnies.

Whatever you do, read those product descriptions. You want sunglasses that not only look good but also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

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