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Unisex frames for both men and women

Man and woman wearing same eyeglasses

Shaking off shackles of conformity, the under-35 crowd may claim having “my person” or being “pansexual.” And unlike baby boomers, their “co-ed” isn’t remotely preppy. Rather it’s out there, blurring boundaries and skipping stereotypes.

Younger generations are accustomed to — and accept — eye-popping gender-bending catwalk visions such as One Direction singer Harry Styles’ pussy-bow lace blouson by Gucci or performer Jaden Smith’s pleated skirts by Louis Vuitton.

And they don’t blink at Poseur Billy Porter’s corseted ball gown by Christian Siriano or Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams’ Thom Browne shorts.

Fashion’s future will be fueled by such gender-free garb. So get used to it.

Understandably, the increasingly androgynous approach also means millennials and Gen-Z avoid tunnel vision about special eyewear. Their motto: If it fits, wear it.

Here’s how they vive la indifférence:


Check out the latest aviator glasses styles.

Why now: The ‘70s are flying high on many runways.

He says: Jake Gyllenhaal prefers to be well-rounded with tortoise-trimmed frames by Ralph Lauren.

She says: Actress Elle Fanning hews to hard angles in eyeglass frame styles by Dior.

Wildly weird

Why now: So you stumble in the dark. Prism “diffraction” bottle-cap goggles deliver red carpet raves craved by attention-getters.

He says: Jaden Smith.

She says: Lady Gaga, actress Karrueche Tran and beauty vlogger Bunny Meyer.


Why now: What better boundary-breaking could there be than all-in-ones?

He says: Neon-trimmed, mirrored cycling wraparounds on high stylin’ Smith.

She says: Cat-eye/aviator/shield unisex eyeglasses on otherworldly actress Tilda Swinton.

Cat eyes

Check out the latest cat-eye glasses styles

Why now: Why not? Smoky-voiced siren Lauren Bacall stoked fire for the silhouette and Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra got the meme.

He says: Consider A-Rod a smitten kitten.

She says: If it’s good enough for J.Lo’s man, expect other dudes to dare to follow.


Why now: Shrinking violets have fallen from fashion. Credit Hollywood for hot-hued and hefty frames that are hard to miss.

He says: Director Spike Lee paid head-to-toe homage to Prince and the color purple at the Oscars. Men in blue include Today host Al Roker.

She says: Bold types include lady in red Rihanna and rhapsody in blue Gwen Stefani.

Oversize Wayfarers

Why now: No teleprompter is needed to explain this trend — seriously. Celebs pull out heavy artillery when they want folks to listen.

He says: There’s nothing funny about the favored style of SNL comedian Andy Samberg, singer Justin Timberlake, soccer’s David Beckham and Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington.

She says: Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian also square off in the face of any podium.

Fashion meets form: Choose frames for your face shape

Frames not only must fit your style — but also flatter your face. So don’t just cat-wing it. Land on the eyeglasses that look best on you by studying your face shape in mirrors, selfies and virtual try-on tools. If your face is round or oval, then your frame should be rectangular. If you’ve got a square jaw, then go with circular specs.

Size is more of a balancing act: You don’t want your entire visage to get lost behind your glasses. (That’s so ‘80s.) Still can’t see clearly which frame is right for you? Get 20/20 vision by consulting a friend, family member or eyeglass specialist. Confidence is the ultimate accessory.

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