How To Find an Eyeglass Store Near Me

What is an optical store?

An optical or eyeglass stores are where you can go to purchase eyeglasses and frames. Optical stores are staffed by opticians.

Opticians use prescriptions written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to fit and sell eyeglasses and other eyewear. An optician is not an eye doctor and cannot perform exams, but opticians are an important part of your eye care team.

Depending on the level of care you require, try using our drop-downs and filters to find exactly what you're looking for.

How can I find an eyeglasses store near me?

Our locator (below) makes it easy to find a brick-and-mortar optical store in your local area. Just enter your specific location using the “Edit Search” option at the bottom of the locator, and a list of optical stores in your area will appear.

If you prefer to view your results on a map rather than in a list, click on the “Map View” tab above the very first eye doctor listed.

How can I find eyeglasses online?

Our locator makes it easy to find an eyeglass store near you, but we also list online stores.

Simply select the “shop” option in the toolbar, and you’ll find online store listings. Click on the provider that best meets your needs and start shopping their online catalogs.

What information is provided about optical stores?

Our locator listings provide an address, phone number and mapped driving directions. Some enhanced listings include lists of services, office hours, photos and more. Each result also has customer reviews and ratings, with the option to “Call now” or “Book now.”

How can I find eye care professionals near me?

Our locator makes it easy to find a center in your local area. Simply tap the geolocation symbol next to the address field, and your current location will automatically appear. If you want to find a family vision center in a different location, you may enter a street address or zip code manually.

Can I schedule an eye exam near me?

You can use our locator tool to search for and schedule eye exams near you. Each result has customer reviews and ratings, with the option to “Call now” or “Book now.”

How can I find a store that accepts my vision insurance?

Many of the optical and eyeglass stores in our locator have information about which insurance plans are accepted. To find a store that accepts payment from your plan, select your vision insurance by using the "Edit" button in the locator toolbar.

Not all store listings include vision insurance information, so if your plan-specific search doesn’t produce enough results, try selecting “I’ll pay for myself.”

Where to buy prescription eyeglasses near me

Eye exams with and without insurance

Do I need insurance to get eyeglasses or contact lenses?

No, you don’t need insurance to get eye glasses or contact lenses. Simply select “I’ll pay for myself” from the drop-down and see which store allows you to pay for vision care yourself.

Can I schedule an eye exam with an optician?

An optician is a specialist in fitting eyeglasses and lenses, but cannot write a prescription. If you need a prescription, select the “comprehensive eye exam” option from the drop-down menu under services.

Eye doctors listed on our locator can perform routine eye exams and write prescriptions - while an optician may fill that prescription.

Where is the best place to buy prescription eyeglasses?

Once you have your prescription from an eye doctor, going to a brick-and-mortar optical store has advantages. For instance, an optician can walk you through the process and take the proper measurements.

For the greatest satisfaction with your frame selection, seek the assistance of a knowledgeable optician. In some cases, if you like a frame that you see in a store but it's too small for your face, the optician may be able to special order it for you in a larger size.

How can you find an optical store where you can purchase eyeglasses? First, use our locator to select a brick-and-mortar optical store near you or an online eyeglass retailer.

Which is the right optical store for you? That all depends on you. Would you rather have the help of a professional with the selection and fit of your glasses or would you rather browse online catalogs online and have your eyeglasses delivered to your door?

Either way, finding the right optical store for you is just a few keystrokes away (and maybe even within walking distance) with our optical store locator.

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