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Where to find kids eye exams near me

Finding an eye care practice that focuses on children can seem tricky. Many people aren’t very familiar with pediatric optometrists — eye doctors who specialize in treating kids.

So, how do you go about finding a pediatric eye doctor and scheduling a child’s eye exam near you?

Using the search tool (below) makes it easy to locate highly-rated pediatric eye care practices in your area.

Importance of children’s eye exams

Most of what children learn comes from their visual sense. If your child has poor vision, because of a refractive error, eye misalignment or other pediatric eye conditions, their learning may be inhibited.

Vision issues will not only affect their ability to learn, they may also negatively affect your child’s ability to take part in various activities, such as reading, playing sports or riding a bike. Over time, if a vision problem is not addressed, it can worsen, become harder to correct, and even follow the child into adulthood.

Scheduling a kids eye exam near you will allow an eye doctor to treat or correct any vision problems your child may have. This will put your kids on the path to success for learning and growth. 

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When to have your kid’s eyes examined

The first comprehensive eye exam your child should have is at 6 months of age. If no vision problems are detected, they can have another exam at age 3 and again at age 5 or 6, before they start first grade.

It’s a common misconception that vision screenings provided by schools are a substitute for an eye exam. This is not the case. A pediatric eye exam performed by an eye doctor can detect problems that a vision screening cannot.

Scheduling a children’s eye exam near you will ensure that your child has clear, healthy eyesight. It also gives your child the opportunity to have any vision problems corrected.

How to schedule a kids eye exam near me

The locator tool at the bottom of this page makes booking a children’s eye exam near you simple. Input your specific location using the “Edit Search” option at the bottom of the locator, and a list of eye care practices in your area will appear. 

You can also use the “Filter” button to specify the need for a children’s eye doctor. The filter lets you choose preferred office hours and insurance carriers, which will ensure that every eye doctor in your results fits your personal preferences.

Once you’ve made your selections, a list of your search results will appear. If you prefer to view your results on a map rather than in a list, click on the “Map View” tab above the very first eye doctor listed.

The map view uses blue markers to show the different eye doctors in your area. To narrow or widen your search in “Map View”, simply hold down the Ctrl button and scroll in or out. Mobile users can also do this by pinching the map and zooming in or out.

Each eye care practice listed includes ratings, reviews and a “Call Now” or “Book Now” button for when you’re ready to schedule an appointment. So, don’t delay — use the locator to book a pediatric eye exam near you!

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