How To Find A Children's Eye Doctor Near Me

What is a children’s eye doctor?

Children’s eye doctors, also known as pediatric vision specialists, are experts in the evaluation and care of children’s eyes. These kid-friendly eye doctors went above and beyond in their training to gain added experience and expertise in the examination of kids’ eyes and the conditions that can affect their eyes, including nearsightedness (myopia), crossed eyes (strabismus) and lazy eye (amblyopia). Some children’s eye doctors also specialize in working with children with developmental issues and/or children on the autism spectrum.

How can I find a children’s eye doctor near me?

Our locator below makes it easy to find pediatric optometrists in your area. Simply enter your address or zip code using the “Edit Search” option at the bottom of the locator, and a list of pediatric optometrists in your area will appear.

You can filter by Specialty to find Pediatric Specialists near you. If you prefer to view your results on a map rather than in a list, click on the “Map View” tab above the very first eye doctor listed.

What information is provided about local pediatric optometrists?

Our locator listings provide an address, phone number, and mapped driving directions. Some enhanced listings include lists of services, office hours, photos and more. Each result also has customer reviews and ratings, with the option to “Call now” or “Book now.”

Why should my child have an eye exam?

Healthy eyes are incredibly important to a child’s learning and development, whether they’re at home, on the playground or in the classroom. According to Children’s Eye Foundation and the World Health Organization:

  • 19 million children worldwide are visually impaired.

  • 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured if detected early enough; however, a late diagnosis could lead to permanent vision loss.

  • 1 in every 20 children has a significant eye disorder.

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the No. 1 cause of preventable, yet permanent, vision loss in children in the United States.

When should I take my child to an eye doctor?

The earlier an eye condition is diagnosed and treated, the more likely a child is to go on to develop good vision. In addition to (or in lieu of) the vision screenings your child will receive from their pediatrician — at well baby and well child exams — and their school nurse, you should take your child for a comprehensive professional eye exam if:

  • Your child fails a vision screening or if a vision screening was inconclusive or could not be performed.

  • You were referred for an eye exam by a pediatrician or school nurse.

  • Your child has a vision complaint or has exhibited abnormal visual behavior (swollen eyelids, clumsiness, excessive squinting or blinking, closing one eye to read, sitting close to the TV, headaches, light sensitivity, failure to reach academic or age-appropriate milestones, etc.).

  • Your child has a risk factor for eye problems (premature birth, family history of vision problems, medical conditions such as diabetes or congenital cataracts, etc.).

  • Your child’s eye was injured.

  • Your child has a learning disability, developmental delay, neuropsychological condition or behavioral issue.

  • You have any concerns that your child has an eye or vision problem.

It’s critical that you put as much importance on your child’s eyes and visual health as you do their overall wellness.

What types of treatment are typically recommended for children’s vision problems?

Depending on the issue being addressed, a number of treatments may be employed, either alone or in combination. Here are a few treatment options and the problems they help treat:

  • Glasses – refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism

  • Medications (eye drops, ointments) infections, glaucoma and more

  • Patching – lazy eye (amblyopia)

  • Surgery cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy

  • Eye exercises (orthoptics) trouble with focusing and teamed eye movement

How can I find a children’s eye doctor who accepts my vision insurance?

Use our locator to find pediatric optometrists and pediatric ophthalmologists who accept your vision insurance , or check your insurance company’s website for a directory of their in-network providers.

Many of the children's eye doctors in our locator have information about which insurance plans are accepted by the practice. To find a pediatric vision specialist that accepts payment from your plan, select your vision insurance by using the "Edit" button in the locator toolbar.

Not all listings include vision insurance information, so if your plan-specific search doesn’t produce enough results, try selecting “I’ll pay for myself.”

You can also find a children’s eye doctor who accepts Medicaid. When comparing pediatric vision specialists, ask what services are covered by your insurance, what your copay will be, and what the fees are for services not covered in the quoted price, such as follow-up visits.

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