Eye Doctors That Accept TRICARE Near Me

How do I find eye doctors that accept TRICARE near me? 

The locator tool below takes the legwork out of finding eye doctors that take TRICARE near you. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Exit out of the Cookies Settings pop-up box at the bottom of the locator page. A toolbar at the bottom of the locator will appear with the option to “Edit Search.” Select this option.

  2. The “Edit Search” box will appear from the bottom of the locator and present three information lines. The first line determines what you’re wanting to do (visit an eye doctor, buy glasses, etc.)

  3.  The second box is used to find eye doctors in your area that accept TRICARE. Add your zip code where it says “Enter address or postal code.” The blue circle to the right of this box will use your device’s current location to gather search results.

  4. The third bar is for you to choose your insurance provider which, in this case, would be TRICARE. Click on the drop-down menu and scroll down the list of insurance carriers until you see “TRICARE” and select it. 

  5. Once you’ve filled all the lines out, close the “Edit Search box” by clicking the blue “Find” button at the bottom of the page. 

The locator allows you to filter results based on important details such as office hours and distance from your home. You can manage these preferences using the “Filter” button.

Once you submit your information, the locator will produce a list of eye doctors that accept TRICARE, who meet all of your needs. Each result comes with its own customer ratings and reviews to give you additional peace of mind. 

After you’ve decided which eye doctor is the best fit, you can click on the “Call Now” or “Book Now” button to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor that takes TRICARE near you.


What is TRICARE?

TRICARE is a health care program for active or retired military service members and their families. There are several types of TRICARE plan options:

TRICARE Prime A plan for reserve service members when they change to active duty. It’s focused on providing care within a certain network of medical providers and practices, known as a Prime Service Area. Additional cost may result from receiving care outside of this network of eye doctors that take tricare. Referrals are required from your primary care physician (PCP) for specialist treatments.

TRICARE Select A fee-for-service health plan, where you’re responsible for either a copay or a percentage of the cost for every office visit. Cost will be higher for out-of-network services. Referrals are not required for specialist treatment such as physical therapy.

TRICARE Reserve Select The replacement plan for TRICARE Prime once a member has left active duty and has returned to the reserves.

TRICARE For Life   An optional coverage plan for TRICARE-eligible people who also have Medicare Part A and B. 

TRICARE Young Adult A coverage plan for adult children who are too old for their guardian’s regular TRICARE coverage (21 years old, or 23 years old if attending college). Young adults can receive this coverage until the age of 26.

Will TRICARE cover vision and eye care?

Eye exam and vision care coverage depends on your TRICARE plan, your age and your position in the military. It’s also possible that a referral will be required in order to have a comprehensive eye exam from eye doctors that accept tricare.

Generally, TRICARE will cover routine eye exams for the following users:

  • Active duty service members as needed to upkeep their fitness of duty.

  • Active duty family members, once per calendar year.

  • All other people covered under TRICARE Prime, every two calendar years.

  • Diabetic patients covered by TRICARE Prime, once per calendar year.

The cost of an eye exam from eye doctors that take tricare varies depending on your TRICARE plan.

TRICARE also covers well-child eye exams every two years for children between ages three and six. These eye exams are free, regardless of your TRICARE plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with an eye doctor that takes tricare near you!

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