Eye Doctors Open on Saturday and Sunday Near You

Eye doctors open on Saturday or Sunday

It can be hard to schedule an optometrist appointment during the week. Life gets in the way, and your full-time schedule may only have openings on days that start with “S.” You need to find an eye doctor who’s open on Saturday or Sunday, but that isn’t always easy.

Your vision needs don’t operate on business days alone, so last-minute exams are another common reason why people visit eye doctors on the weekend.

How to find out which eye doctors are open on weekends near you

The search tool on this page provides an easy way to find out which doctors in your area are open on Saturday or Sunday.

To start, select the “Open Weekends” button at the top of the locator, right below the All About Vision logo. Then, click on the “Edit Search” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the page. Enter your location in the middle box titled “Enter address or postal code,” or find your location automatically by pressing the blue circle icon on the right.

If you plan on using vision insurance, now is the time to enter it. Select your insurance carrier in the third box, if applicable. Once these fields are completed, press the blue “Find” button.

How do I schedule my weekend eye exam?

After you complete the steps listed above and find an optometrist open on Saturday or Sunday, scheduling your appointment is easy.

A “List View” of eye care practices should be visible, as well as a “Map View” tab, where blue pin icons are used to show where the eye doctors are in your area. 

All the eye doctors listed here are open Saturday, Sunday, or both. You can view each office’s opening hours, along with their location and patient reviews — just click “More Details” on each listing.

Many eye doctors are open for reduced hours on Saturday or Sunday, so be sure to verify their hours of operation using the listings provided here.

These days, more and more eye doctors are choosing to keep their offices open on one or both days every weekend. Hours of operation may vary on Saturdays and Sundays, though, so make sure to factor this into your schedule.

Generally speaking, it will be easier to find an optometrist open on Saturday than one who is open on Sunday. But Sunday appointments do exist, and several eye doctors near you may offer eye exams during the slower half of the weekend.

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