Kids' Optometrist Near Me

What is a pediatric optometrist?

A pediatric optometrist is an eye doctor (or a Doctor of Optometry, abbreviated as “OD”) who specializes in children’s eye health. In addition to the regular training an eye doctor gets, a pediatric optometrist receives extra training and experience working with children.

This training allows them to customize how they conduct pediatric eye exams to accommodate young children. A pediatric optometrist near you may use different methods for gathering information about a child’s eyes. For instance, rather than having a small child read an eye chart, a pediatric optometrist may ask the child to look at different objects or shapes. 

How to find the best pediatric optometrist near me

All About Vision’s locator tool (below) makes finding the best pediatric optometrist near you simple. Using your preferred area code, the locator will search for children’s eye care practices in your area that satisfy you and your child’s needs. 

The locator has a toolbar at the bottom of the page that allows you to filter the different requirements you may have when searching for a children’s optometrist near you. You can add your preferred search location and choose things such as which insurance the doctor accepts and what office hours they hold.

The locator uses this information to provide results in a convenient list or map view that shows eye doctors who fit your preference.

Customer ratings are available for each of the eye care practices, as well as a “Call Now” or “Book Now” option for when you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

Children's optometrist vs. a general optometrist

The difference between a children’s optometrist and a general optometrist is that a children's optometrist specializes in recognizing and treating eye conditions that typically affect kids. 

A general optometrist, though capable of treating children effectively, is more versed in treating and identifying conditions that affect adults.

Both pediatric and general optometrists are able to perform comprehensive eye exams, provide vision prescriptions for corrective glasses or contact lenses and provide treatment for various eye conditions. 

With this in mind, it would be safe for a pediatric optometrist to examine and treat adults, just as a general optometrist could safely examine and treat children. 

Why is taking my child to a kids optometrist near me important?

A large percentage of what children learn comes directly from their visual sense. If your kid has poor vision, either due to a refractive error, eye misalignment or other children’s eye conditions, their learning may be hindered.

Their ability to learn is not the only thing affected. Your child’s participation in certain activities, such as playing sports, reading or riding a bike may also be negatively influenced by poor vision. 

If a child’s vision problem is not identified and corrected, it can gradually become worse, more difficult to correct and affect the child into adulthood.

Finding a kids optometrist near you will make it easier for your child to succeed in learning and growth, as the eye doctor can treat or correct whatever vision problems your child may have. 

So, what are you waiting for? Use the locator to find the best pediatric optometrist near you!

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