How To Find a Vision Center and Get an Eye Exam

What is a vision center?

Most vision centers offer eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Since only trained eye doctors can perform eye exams, be sure to select a location that offers this service (if you need an exam).Eye care centers can also be staffed with opticians who are trained to measure customers for contact lenses and glasses.

Depending on the level of care you require, try using our drop-downs and filters to find exactly what you're looking for.

How can I find eye care professionals near me?

Our locator (below) makes it easy to find a center in your local area. Simply enter your address or zip code using the “Edit Search” option at the bottom of the locator, and a list of eye care professionals in your area will appear.

If you prefer to view your results on a map rather than in a list, click on the “Map View” tab above the very first eye doctor listed.

Can I schedule an eye exam near me?

Some vision care centers provide the ability to begin the appointment scheduling process online, and some include a calendar of available dates. You can use our locator tool to search for and schedule eye exams near you. Each result has customer reviews and ratings, with the option to “Call now” or “Book now.”

What information is provided about the locations near me?

Our locator listings provide an address, phone number, and mapped driving directions. Some enhanced listings include lists of services, office hours, photos and more. Each result also has customer reviews and ratings, with the option to “Call now” or “Book now.”

How can I find an eye care center near me that accepts my vision insurance?

Many of the vision centers in our locator have information about which insurance plans are accepted by the practice. To find an eye center that accepts payment from your plan, select your vision insurance by using the "Edit" button in the locator toolbar.

Not all listings include vision insurance information, so if your plan-specific search doesn’t produce enough results, try selecting “I’ll pay for myself.”

How can I find walk-in vision centers near me?

Many vision centers included in our locator accept walk-ins.

We recommend you contact the location you selected via the Call Now button to ensure the provider has availability to see you. Some will let you to begin the appointment scheduling process online.

Eye exams with and without insurance

Do I need insurance to get eyeglasses or contact lenses?

No, you don’t need insurance to get eye glasses or contact lenses. Simply select “I’ll pay for myself” from the drop-down and see which vision center allows you to pay for vision care yourself.

How can I find a cheap eye exam near me?

The cost of an eye exam can vary significantly, based on where you live and other factors, including:

  • Whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or an 

  • The tests that are included in the exam

  • Whether the exam includes a contact lens fitting or other contact lens-related services

When comparing how much an eye exam costs, be sure you are comparing "apples to apples" — and are getting a comprehensive eye exam.

How can I find a vision center near me that accepts Medicaid?

Different kinds of vision care are included in Medicare and Medicaid programs that the U.S. government funds for qualifying Americans age 65 and older, individuals with specific disabilities and people with low income.

To access these vision services, you first need to understand what kind of Medicare and/or Medicaid plan you have and exactly what types of vision care are associated with each particular plan.

To find a vision center near you that accepts Medicaid, select “Medicaid” in the insurance carrier drop-down menu.

What’s the difference between a vision center and an optometrist?

Most vision centers offer eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses.

If your eyes are healthy and don't require specialized medical or surgical treatment, the type of vision care provider you choose for a routine eye exam is a matter of personal preference.

If you already have a medical eye problem — such as glaucomamacular degeneration or cataracts — it is important to seek care from an eye doctor who is highly trained and skilled in monitoring and treating your condition.

To find the right vision care provider, select a condition in the filter settings provided on the search results page.

Can I buy prescription eyeglasses at a vision center?

Yes, most vision centers sell prescription eyeglasses. To ensure that you find a vision care provider who does, please filter search results by “Eyeglasses” under “Services.”

Still searching for an eye care professional? If you haven't found exactly what you want, try using our drop-downs and filters to find exactly what you're looking for.

Or just call one of the nearby vision centers and talk to a real person (during business hours, of course).

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