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Eye Problems: Symptoms from A to Z

Is something wrong with your eyes? Find symptoms in the list below, then look to the right for associated eye problems and diseases. To learn more, click on the eye problem or disease for a pop-up window with a definition and links.

Please note: The information on this page is not intended as a diagnosis of your problem, but rather as a helpful guide. Please see your eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you suspect you have an eye or vision problem.

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A, B


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Absence of eye or eyes


Blinking, frequent

blepharospasmcontact lens problemdry eye syndrome, foreign bodyhemifacial spasmstroke

Blinking, infrequent

cranial nerve palsyParkinson's disease

Bloodshot eye (See: red or pink eye)

Blurred vision, distance (See also: blurred vision, general myopia)

Blurred vision, general

accommodative disorderalbinismamblyopiaaniridiaasteroid hyalosisastigmatismcataractcentral serous retinopathycomputer vision syndromecontact lens problemcorneal abrasioncorneal dystrophycorneal erosioncranial nerve palsydrugsepiretinal membraneeye tumorforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionglaucomahypotonykeratoconuslens dislocationmacular degenerationmeibomianitismigraineneuroretinitisnystagmusophthalmoplegiaoptic nerve problemorbital cellulitisphotokeratitispterygiumretinal detachmentretinitisretinoschisisscleritissurgery,traumauveitisvascular problemvitreous hemorrhagewhite dot syndrome

Blurred vision, near

diabetic retinopathyhyperopiapresbyopia. See also: blurred vision, general

Bulging eye

cavernous sinus problemeye tumorglaucomaGraves' ophthalmologyhistiocytosismucormycosisoptic nerve problemorbital cellulitisorbital pseudotumortrauma,vascular problem. See also: small eye

Bump on eye (any color)


Bump on eyelid (any color)

chalazionmilianevuspapillomaskin cancerstyxanthelasma


blepharitisblepharoconjunctivitiscomputer vision syndrome,conjunctivitiscontact lens problemcranial nerve palsydry eye syndromeenvironmental conditionmeibomianitisrheumatoid arthritisSjogren's syndrometrauma. See also: eye pain or discomfort

C, D


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Close appearance of  object that is actually farther away


Cloud shape in vision

See: floater in vision

Clouding of the eye's surface

fungal keratitis eye infection

Clump shape in vision

See: floater in vision

Color vision problem

cataractcolor blindnessdrugsneuroretinitisoptic nerve problemwhite dot syndrome

Crossed eyes

cranial nerve palsystrabismus

Crusty eyelid


Depth perception problem

anophthalmosblurred vision (in one eye), cranial nerve palsystrabismus

Differing prescriptions in eyes



canaliculitisconjunctivitiscontact lens problemdacryocystitisdacryostenosisforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionoverflow tearingrheumatoid arthritisSjogren's syndrome

Distorted vision

astigmatismkeratoconusmacular degeneration,metamorphopsiamigraineocular migraine

Double vision (diplopia)

accommodative disorderastigmatismcranial nerve palsydiabetic retinopathyeye tumor (orbital)Graves' ophthalmologykeratoconuslens dislocationmyasthenia gravisophthalmoplegiapseudotumor cerebristroketrauma,vascular problemvergence disorder. See also: shadow on letters

Droopy eyelid


Dry eyelid

blepharitisdry skin

Dry eyes

blepharitisblepharoconjunctivitiscomputer vision syndrome,conjunctivitiscranial nerve palsydacryoadenitisdrugsdry eye syndromeenvironmental conditionmeibomianitisrheumatoid arthritissarcoidosisSjogren's syndrometrauma

E, F, G


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Eyelash loss


Eyelash particles, atypical


Eyelid cleft


Eyelid turns in


Eyelid turns out


Eyes are different colors


Eyes don't point in same direction

cranial nerve palsystrabismus

Eye strain

accommodative disorderastigmatismcomputer vision syndromeconvergence insufficiencydivergence insufficiencyhyperopiamyopiapresbyopia

Far appearance of object that is actually closer


Floater in vision


Foreign body sensation (feels like something is in the eye)

band keratopathyblepharitiscontact lens problemcorneal abrasioncorneal dystrophycorneal edemacorneal erosiondry eye syndromeentropioneye tumorforeign body (corneal or conjunctival)keratitispterygium (inflamed)Sjogren's syndromesurgerystytrauma. See also: eye pain or discomfort


See: light sensitivity


blepharitiscorneal abrasiondry eye syndromekeratitis (including radiation (UV) keratitis)

H, I, J, K, L


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Halos around lights

cataractcorneal edemacorneal opacitydrugsglaucoma,migraineocular migraine

Iris defect

aniridiacolobomaeye tumor (iris)surgerytrauma

Itchy eyes

allergyconjunctivitiscontact lens problemdry eye syndromeentropionpterygium (inflamed)Sjogren's syndrome

Large appearance of objects that are actually smaller


Lazy eye


Lesions on the surface of the eye

fungal keratitis eye infection

Light flashes

migraineocular migraineretinal detachmentretinal tearvitreous detachment

Light sensitivity

fungal keratitis eye infectionphotophobia

Lights, halos around

See: halos

M, N, O, P, Q


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Movement of eyelid, limited ability

cranial nerve palsyeye tumor (orbital)trauma (orbital fracture)

Movement of eyes, involuntary


Movement of eyes, limited ability

cranial nerve palsyeye tumor (orbital)Graves' ophthalmologyophthalmoplegiaParinaud dorsal midbrain syndromestroketrauma

Night vision problem

myopiaretinitis pigmentosa

Pain or discomfort around eyes

blepharoconjunctivitiseye tumor (orbital)orbital pseudotumor (inflammatory)sinusitistrauma

Pain or discomfort in eye

blepharitisblepharoconjunctivitischalazionconjunctivitiscontact lens problemcorneal abrasioncorneal dystrophycorneal edemacorneal erosioncorneal ulcerdacryocystitis,dry eye syndromeectropionendophthalmitisentropionepiscleritiseye tumorforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionglaucomaGraves' ophthalmologyhypotonykeratitis,migrainemucormycosisneuroretinitisophthalmoplegiaoptic nerve problemorbital cellulitisphotokeratitisscleritissinusitisstysurgerytraumauveitisvascular problem. See also: burningforeign body sensation

Pain or discomfort, eyelid

blepharitischalazionectropionentropioneye tumor (lid)orbital cellulitissty

Peripheral vision problem

anophthalmos. See also: vision loss, peripheral

Pupil, large (dilated)

cranial nerve palsydrugstrauma

Pupil, small

Argyll Robertson pupildrugsHorner's syndrome

Pupils, different sized

anisocoria. See also: pupil, large and pupil, small

Pupil unresponsiveness to light

Argyll Robertson pupilcranial nerve palsydrugsglaucomaoptic nerve problemParinaud dorsal midbrain syndrometonic pupiltraumauveitis

Pupil, white

See: spot on eye, white or cloudy

R, S


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Red or pink eye

allergyblepharoconjunctivitiscanaliculitiscavernous sinus problemcomputer vision syndromeconjunctivitiscontact lens problemcorneal abrasioncorneal ulcerdacryocystitisdry eye syndromeectropionendophthalmitisentropionepiscleritiseye tumorforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionglaucomaGraves' ophthalmologymeibomianitispterygiumscleritissubconjunctival hemorrhagesurgeryuveitisvascular problem

Red or pink eyelid

blepharitisblepharoconjunctivitiscontact lens problemdacryoadenitisectropionlupus erythematosusmeibomianitis,orbital cellulitisstyevascular birthmark. See also: spot on eyelid, colored

Shadow in vision

macular degenerationretinal detachment. See also: floater in vision

Shadow on letters

astigmatismmacular degeneration. See also: double vision

Small appearance of objects that are actually larger


Small eye

enophthalmosmicrophthalmiaptosis. See also: bulging eye


See: eye twitching

Speck in vision

See: floater in vision

Spot in vision

cataract. See also: floater in visionvision loss

Spot on eye, brown

melanosisnevusskin cancer

Spot on eye, red or pink

See: red or pink eye

Spot on eye, white or cloudy

cataractcorneal edemacorneal opacitycorneal ulcereye tumor (intraocular)leukocoriapingueculapterygium. See also: white ring/bow around iris

Spot on eye, yellow

pinguecula. See also: yellow eyes

Spot on eyelid, colored

eye tumorliver spotlupus erythematosusmelanosisnevuspapillomapediculosisskin cancerxanthelasma. See also: red or pink eyelid

Squiggle in vision

metamorphopsia. See also: floater in vision


accommodation disorderamblyopiahyperopiamyopia,photophobiapresbyopiauveitisvergence disorder. See also: light sensitivity

Sticky eyes


Straight lines appear  wavy, curved or bent


Strand shape in vision

See: floater in vision

Swelling, around eyes

dacryoadenitisdacryocystitiseye tumororbital cellulitissinusitistrauma

Swelling, eye

chemosisfungal keratitis eye infectiontrauma

Swelling, eyelid

allergyblepharitiscanaliculitischalazioncontact lens problemdacryoadenitiseye tumormeibomianitisorbital cellulitissinusitisstytraumavascular problem

T, U, V


Possible Eye Problem or Disease


allergyblepharitisblepharoconjunctivitischalazionconjunctivitiscorneal abrasioncorneal dystrophycorneal ulcercranial nerve palsydacryocystitisdacryostenosisdry eye syndromeentropionenvironmental conditionepiscleritisforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionkeratitisoverflow tearingscleritisstytraumauveitis

Tired eyes

See: eye strain

Tunnel vision

See: vision loss, peripheral

Twitching (tic)

blepharospasmhemifacial spasmmyokymia

Vision improvement, temporary


Vision loss, central

central serous retinopathychoroidal neovascularization,epiretinal membranemacular degenerationmacular holemigraineneuroretinitisoptic nerve problemvascular problemwhite dot syndrome

Vision loss, general

albinismamblyopiaband keratopathycavernous sinus problemcorneal dystrophycorneal edemacorneal opacity,cranial nerve palsydiabetic retinopathydrugsendophthalmitisentropioneye tumorforeign bodyfungal keratitis eye infectionGraves' ophthalmologylead poisoningLeber's congenital amaurosislens dislocationmigraine,mucormycosisneuroretinitisoptic nerve problemorbital cellulitisPatau syndromephotokeratitispseudotumor cerebriretinal detachmentretinitisstrokesurgeryTay-Sachs diseasetoxocariasistraumavascular problemvitreous hemorrhagewhite dot syndrome

Vision loss, peripheral

drugsglaucomamigraineocular migraineoptic nerve problemretinitisretinitis pigmentosa

W, X, Y, Z


Possible Eye Problem or Disease

Wall-eyed (eye turned towards ear)

cranial nerve palsystrabismus

Watering eyes

See: tearing

Wavy lines in vision

metamorphopsiamigraineocular migraine. See also: floater in vision

White ring around iris


White spot on eye

See: spot on eye, white or cloudy

Yellow eyes


Yellow spot on eye

See: spot on eye, yellow

Zigzag in vision

See: floater in visionwavy lines in vision

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