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Dan Levy Relaunches Namesake Eyewear Brand

Dan Levy wearing thick black framed eyeglasses

Many Schitt’s Creek fans are still coming to terms with the fact that the hilarious, delightful story of the Rose family has come to an end. The iconic fashion, witty banter and brilliant character development showcased by the Roses must now be relished through the reruns of our favorite episodes.

While the show may be over, you can still experience a bit of the Schitt’s Creek magic in Dan Levy’s eyeglasses company, D.L. Eyewear. The unique spin on classic styles will take you from “Ew, David!” to “Ooooh, darling!”  

The history behind D.L. Eyewear

Since the age of 9, Dan Levy has worn glasses, giving him first-hand knowledge of what people who wear glasses look for in their eyewear. 

“I have a lifetime of experience with eyewear, with the joy of collecting eyewear, with trial and error, with understanding how the shape of a frame can bring out the best in someone’s face,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair

With a knack for fashion in his repertoire, in 2013 Dan Levy started a one-man business of creating his own eyeglass frames. From design to social media to business management, he took ownership over creating a brand and a product that is just as fashion-forward as it is reasonably priced.

In 2015, the first season of Levy’s Emmy-winning show Schitt’s Creek aired. The show, which Levy co-created with his father, Eugene Levy, quickly became a hit. Due to the busy schedule required by Schitt’s Creek, Levy put his namesake eyewear brand on hold until he could dedicate more time to it.

As audiences everywhere began falling in love with the Rose family (the driving force of the Schitt’s Creek plotline), Levy noticed a growing interest in his eyewear brand.

“As the popularity of the show continued to grow, so did the number of sales on this horrible website from many, many years prior,” he said. “I took it as a sign that there was interest and that I should revisit it.” 

The quick-witted, heartwarming show aired its last season at the beginning of 2020. The following August, Levy relaunched D.L. Eyewear and released eight versatile, gender-fluid frame styles with plano, blue light and sunglass lens options.

Dan Levy eyewear styles

D.L. Eyewear’s motto is “See with love,” which encourages others to live their lives with kindness. The motto is printed inside the arm of every pair of frames, which are carefully crafted to combine classic shapes with a modern twist. 

Each frame is created using cellulose acetate: A plant-based, hypoallergenic plastic. Optical lenses are made with a clear, non-prescription acrylic, and sunglasses have a tinted nylon lens with 100% UVA/UVB protection


You may recognize this style as the one Levy wore to the Emmys, where he won best writer, director and supporting actor in a comedy series for his work on Schitt’s Creek. The Highland frames are a classic style that can dress up or dress down any ensemble. 


A bold frame with big personality, the Macpherson design brings an oversized, vintage elegance that compliments any style. These quirky, thick-rimmed frames are sure to have you flaunting your inner Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn.


Calling all hipsters! The Roxborough frame puts a contemporary spin on a classic style by using warm colors in a simple, sophisticated silhouette. Roxborough features a chic simplicity — similar to Highland, but with a slightly rounder frame.


Described as a universal frame, the Beaumont design will compliment any face shape. The everyday rounded frame comes in five color choices for basic glasses and six color choices for sunnies, making it easy to pick a style that speaks to you.


Dan couldn’t relaunch his eyewear line without an homage to Schitt’s Creek, could he? Honoring the FABULOUS Moira Rose, this cat-eye frame will have you feeling like a Hollywood starlet. In the famous words of Moira: “When one of us shines, all of us shine.” So, pop on some Rose frames and shine bright, bébé!


This statement wayfarer-style frame adds some extra interest to the classic shape. The Whitehall design features wide arms to ensure a comfortable fit behind the ears. These frames are perfect for giving a casual look a little pop, or for hiding the bags under your eyes after a poor night’s sleep.


Only for sunglasses (at least for now), the Walker frame is a bold, stylish design that pays tribute to your inner 90’s popstar. The thick rectangle silhouette comes with fun lens and frame color options, allowing you to dip a toe in the waters of your wild side, or cannonball in with sweet abandon.

Where to buy Dan Levy glasses

At this time, D.L. Eyewear is only sold through the company’s website. Due to high demand, it’s been difficult for the company to keep the product in stock, which means many of the frames are back ordered or currently sold out. 

Also, the company currently does not offer prescription lenses. If you have a prescription, you must take the glasses to an optician and have the lenses replaced.

While this may have you feeling like a disgruntled pelican, know that D.L. Eyewear produces meticulous, quality frames that will last. They also give a percentage of their profits to LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation). LISC offers financial relief and emergency help to small businesses negatively affected by COVID-19.

So, although D.L. Eyewear is experiencing pandemic-related delays in production (as many companies are), they provide a beautiful, valuable product that encourages people to see with love. And we are very interested in that opinion.


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