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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez prefer the style and eye protection of Quay sunglasses

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez posing on the red carpet

If there’s one thing Jennifer Lopez is known for, it’s her vivacious energy on and off stage. The star has been leaving her mark on Hollywood since the ’90s, where she began as a dancer and continued her career by acting in classic movies like “Maid in Manhattan,” “The Wedding Planner” and “Monster-In-Law.” 

A triple threat in the business, she has also delivered hit after hit song to the public, including “Let’s Get Loud,” “Jenny from the Block” and “On the Floor.” She even rocked the stage at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, alongside fellow singer, Shakira.

It would be an understatement to say her career is constantly reaching new heights. At a level of glamour and success so high, it only makes sense that her sense of style is just as impactful as her music, acting and everything else she continues to accomplish in the limelight and in her family life.

Aside from fashion and fragrance lines, J.Lo has worked with Quay to design multiple lines of sunglasses, which are available in moderately affordable price ranges. The shades in the collection are classic yet fierce, just like J.Lo herself. Despite her impressive $150 million net worth, the star has even been seen sporting the affordable looks from the line on her own errand runs, giving them her full seal of approval. 

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Jennfier Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’ Quay sunglasses collections

Jennifer Lopez has stated in several interviews about the Quay sunglass lines that she has been a fan of the Melbourne-based brand for a long time — so much so that she has teamed up to design a variety of glasses with the brand, and even brought her former fiancé Alex Rodriguez into the venture. Spoiler alert: He also collaborated with Quay in 2019.

Whether you are a fan of the formerly engaged J.Lo and Rodriguez, there is likely something in one of the collections to fit your style, or the style of someone special in your life.


Jennfier Lopez’ Quay sunglasses collection features everything you’d expect from her: classic and glamorous styles that are suitable for anyone and everyone.

Some of the most notable styles include blue light filtering cat-eye frames, called “Lustworthy,” which provide style and filter some blue light from digital screens.

Another pair of cat-eye frames, “Limelight,” feature oversized frames and provide a hefty dose of chic, as well as ultraviolet (UV) protection. They’re available in three colors, including black, tortoise and a milky tortoise.  

Lopez explained in a 2019 interview with Marie Claire that sunglasses have always been a staple of her wardrobe, regardless of what she is wearing. “I tried to bring that to this collection — a pair for every occasion. I wanted to create something for everyone.” 


Though the former power couple are no longer together, Jennfier Lopez and Alex Rogriguez joined forces to design a unique collection of sunglasses for Quay. It was the second time Lopez worked with Quay, and praises have been sung about the designing process by both the singer and the brand alike (in addition to consumers, of course).

The second collection, QUAY x AROD, which included Rodriguez, reflected (pun intended) the iconic style of the two together and individually. Lopez described her first line of Quay glasses as “super colorful, bold and fun” in her interview with Marie Claire, and noted that the second line, which debuted in November 2019 was “a little more everyday, with festive gold touches and warm, classic colors.”

A main goal of the collaboration with all three parties was to present “sexy and glamourous, yet classic” vibes and to deliver the highest level of self-expression through their style preferences.

Since the collection was launched during the holiday season in 2019, many were able to take the opportunity to gift the sunglasses to their significant others (or themselves) and embrace the holiday season while looking chic, classic and defined in the eyewear department.

There were six featured styles in the QUAY x AROD collection, including polarized round wireframes, square-framed polarized glasses and everything in between. Though fashion-forward, the frames proved to be a sharp look for people of all different ages and style senses.

Fashion meets eye protection

You don’t have to be a fan of Jennifer Lopez or Alex Rodriguez to embrace the fashion and eye protection displayed in their eyewear lines. Although the Quay brand is known for its high-quality products and trendiness, you can find proper eyewear functionality in many brands of eyeglasses, whether you are seeking UV protection, blue light filtering or just an extra cosmetic touch for your wardrobe.

Having trouble finding what you’re looking for within the Quay eyeglasses lines? Talk to an eye care professional about your specific wants and needs so you can find the perfect fit for your eyes, lifestyle and fashion sense.


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