Best kids’ glasses for all their activities

child playing outdoors wearing eyeglasses

Children are drawn to different hobbies and sports, and it's important for your son or daughter to have glasses that protect their eyes as a cheerleader, soccer player, dirt bake racer or whatever their preferred activity.  

Best kids glasses for everyday activities

To help you protect your child's eyes on and off the field, we have listed some of the best kids’ glasses for various activities, from reading to riding bikes to playing baseball and beyond.

Best kid's glasses for sports

Prescription sports glasses and goggles are made to withstand the roughness of sports while maintaining your child’s comfort and clear vision. Whether your kid is swinging a bat, doing a cartwheel or swimming laps, there’s a pair of sports glasses to fit them.

For kids who play team sports, a pair of sports glasses will stay put during play, provide clear vision and protect your child from an accidental ball, elbow or finger that could injure their eyes. 

If your child is a water bug, a pair of prescription goggles will protect their eyes from chlorine, which can have negative effects on the cornea. You also can add UV protection to the lenses to reduces cumulative sun damage to the eyes.

Best kid's glasses for avid screen users

If your kiddo is a gamer or seemingly glued to any screen, blue light glasses can filter some blue light from their digital device and help your son or daughter feel more comfortable by decreasing glare.

Other ways to help ease your child's digital eye strain symptoms? Monitor your child’s screen usage and encourage your son or daughter to take breaks every 20 minutes or so.

Best kids' glasses for the outdoor play

If your child spends a lot of time outside playing with the neighborhood kids, be sure to protect their eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Photochromic lenses (also known as transition lenses) can be a option for outdoorsy kids. The lenses are specially designed to darken when exposed to sunlight, then reset to clear, normal lenses when indoors. 

So, while your child is running in and out of the house, transition lenses are keeping up with them, perfectly combining convenience, vision correction and UV protection.

Best kid's glasses with colorful frames

Picking a pair of of children's glasses is exciting because the frame styles and color possibilities are nearly endless. Encourage your tyke to select their favorite pair so he or she be more likely to wear and feel confident in the glasses.

If kooky, multicolored frames are what your child prefers, that's OK. Support your child. Your son or daughter will be the one wearing the glasses.

Must-have features for your kids’ glasses

Whether your child is in the market for special activity-centric glasses, or if he or she just needs a pair of glasses to see the board at school, here are some must-have features to consider:

  • Impact-resistant lenses: Plastic lenses can break relatively easily when put to the test by a child. Investing in polycarbonate or Trivex lenses will provide the durability your son or daughter needs and the safety you want. 

  • Scratch-resistant coating: While impact-resistant lenses can withstand cracking or breaking, they are still susceptible to scuffs and scratches. Adding a scratch-resistant coating to your child’s lenses will help protect your lens investment.

  • Warranty: Even with durable lenses, accidents can happen and glasses can break, but it’s possible that your optician offers a warranty plan for your child’s glasses.

No matter what type of activity or sport your child participates in, there are glasses that will protect his or her eyes.

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