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Eyeglasses make it easier to see clearly, but they also can be a fashion statement.

In this section, you will meet people who have had a love affair with their glasses, changed glasses styles through the years and have been collectors of fancy eyewear (and reading glasses, so there's always a pair handy around home and office).

The idea for this series was sparked when an editor noticed all the different people (and their unique glasses) taking the train to and from work in Dallas. The project grew bigger and broader.

Everyone has a story. Everyone wearing glasses has a story about his or her favorite pair, or in Erica Sandberg's case, the pair that was lost and then found.

For Damon Brown, the various decades of his life were marked by different glasses styles.

For Jill Neimark and others, glasses are like jewelry.

Oh, and Michele Meyer writes about how her eyeglasses obsession became an addiction.

What's your Glasses Story? Email jh@allaboutvision.com, the editor on the train who noticed all the different people and their glasses.

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