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FreshLook Colorblends colors give new meaning to eyewear that “pops”

Freshlook Colorblends color contact lenses

There are many ways to change or enhance your appearance. Think about how you use fashion to help you look and feel your best. Add a few accessories or change your hairstyle, and you can magically alter your appearance. Now, FreshLook Colorblends contacts offer you another opportunity to look your best.

Eyewear has long been a fashionable option for changing how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself to the world. Eyeglasses, sunglasses and cosmetic contact lenses have become mainstream tools for enhancing your look.

This line of specialized colored contact lenses from Alcon offers an exciting selection of shades that you can use to enhance your eye color with a more natural look than other colored lenses. Learn about how they differ from traditional colored contacts, whether you need a prescription, how to choose the right color for yourself and how to care for your new lenses.

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What are FreshLook Colorblends colors?

Most colored contacts cover up the natural color of your eye. FreshLook Colorblends do just what the name implies: They gradually blend the contact color you choose with the natural color of your eye from the outside of your iris in toward the center. The result is a more natural-looking color than you get with most colored contact lenses.

If you have always enjoyed exploring new looks, color-blended contact lenses may be for you. The range of color fusions is extensive. Choose from FreshLook Colorblends green for a bright emerald eye color, or consider FreshLook Colorblends sterling gray to create a sense of mystery.

There are 16 color blends to choose from, so you might decide that you want a new look every day or every other week. Alternatively, you may wish to change your appearance just for a special occasion. Either way, experimenting with eye color has become a fun experience that you can explore to the fullest.

FreshLook Colorblends, Colors and Dimensions contact lenses

The FreshLook brand includes three different colored contact lens product lines, each suited to different purposes. While there are differences between FreshLook Colorblends contacts, FreshLook Colors and FreshLook Dimensions, the differences are subtle.

  • FreshLook Colorblends contacts – Gradually blend your chosen contact color with your natural eye color. Choose from 16 different colors — like FreshLook Colorblends turquoise. The range of colors available lets you choose changes from very subtle to striking.

  • FreshLook Colors contacts – Designed for darker eye colors. Eight different shades are available to give you a brighter, bolder eye color.

  • FreshLook Dimensions contacts – Best for lighter eyes. Use any of the seven colors to give light-colored eyes a more in-depth, dimensional color.

Use FreshLook Colorblends to create a subtle change in your appearance or present a bold new look to the world. Have fun while playing with your options, as you can easily use FreshLook Colorblends gem green or another blend to create a stunning transformation.

Who can wear FreshLook Colorblends contacts?

The good news is that people with most types of vision correction prescriptions can wear color-blended contact lenses. They are generally suitable for most people who are nearsighted or farsighted. Unfortunately, FreshLook Colorblends toric contacts for people with astigmatism are no longer available. 

Even if you don’t need vision correction, you can still wear FreshLook Colorblends non-prescription lenses to change your eye color to match an outfit or create a special look. 

Contact lenses in any form are medical devices. Because of this, you will need to see your eye doctor for a contact lens eye exam and obtain a prescription before you can order any contact lenses — including colored contact lenses. You must have a prescription for fit even if you don’t require vision correction. Your optometrist will advise whether you are a good candidate for these lenses.

A contact-lens eye exam will also determine whether you can wear color-blended contact lenses according to the manufacturer’s instructions or if you should wear them for shorter periods.

Who is not the right candidate to wear contact lenses?

As appealing as color-blended contact lenses are, not everyone can wear them. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or even have perfect eyesight, certain conditions can prevent you from safely using contact lenses.

Some medications can affect your eyes, making it inadvisable or impossible to use contact lenses. Certain eye diseases may also prevent you from wearing contacts. 

Don't ever use contact lenses if you have an eye infection. You could risk damage to your vision. If you have suffered an eye injury, you will need to wait for your eyes to heal before wearing contact lenses. Certain medical conditions can also prevent using contacts.

If you are prone to eye allergies, wearing contacts may be unwise, or at least uncomfortable at times. Allergens can build up on contacts and further irritate your eyes. You’ll need to make sure you take your contacts out every night and clean and disinfect them regularly. 

If you suffer from any eye problems or other health conditions, you should consult an optometrist before wearing contacts. If the situation improves, or you have finished taking any prescribed medication, you can make a follow-up appointment with your eye doctor to find out if it is safe to begin wearing contacts.

Choosing your FreshLook Colorblends colors

Once you have a prescription for your color-blended contact lenses, you can shop locally or online for your new eyewear. It will probably be easier to browse on the internet, though, as you can more easily explore all the colors available. 

Add a dramatic touch of uniqueness to your natural eye color, no matter whether your eyes are dark brown, green, blue or anything in between. Choose FreshLook Colorblends gem green if you have brown eyes and want to make a fashion statement. Order FreshLook Colorblends hazel to try an enticing new look. Go for dramatic appeal with FreshLook Colorblends brown if your eyes are a light shade of blue or green.

The FreshLook Colorblends colors you select are entirely up to you. You can choose to compliment or contrast your natural eye color, or you can buy a variety of Colorblends (there are 16 to choose from!) to suit your moods.

Wearing your Colorblends contact lenses

People who wear contact lenses often wonder if they should buy color lenses. Whether you consider buying color-blended contacts to use in place of your regular lenses or just want to have some fun when you go out, you probably have some questions. 

Do Colorblends lenses look natural?

The unique 3-in-1 technology gives your eyes a natural look. Even though you can choose from a substantial range of lens colors, including FreshLook Colorblends brown, turquoise, bright blue and many others, the technology that has gone into blending three different colors ensures a natural look.

How much will they change my eye color?

How much FreshLook Colorblends colors change your eye color will depend on the product you select. The color of the lenses will look different in their packaging than they will when you wear them because they’re designed to let part of your natural eye color show through. You won’t know for sure how much they change your eye color until you actually try them on.

Can I get a free trial pair of lenses?

You can get a free pair of trial lenses from an optometrist who stocks this brand. Once you have had an eye exam and the optometrist has given you a prescription, you can ask them to provide you with a pair of lenses to try out.

Will the color affect my eyesight?

Your vision will not be affected. Colorblends will not change how you see color. 

How will wearing color-blended lenses affect my lifestyle?

Wearing colored lenses like FreshLook Colorblends can enhance your aesthetic look and lift your mood. You can wear makeup with these lenses, but be careful not to get any residue on the lens. If your eyes are sensitive, you might consider switching to a makeup brand suitable for sensitive contact lens wearers.

You can play sports when using these lenses, but exercise the same caution as you would when wearing any contact lens. For example, it is advisable to wear swimming goggles to prevent you from losing your lenses in the water. If you play a high-energy sport, you may want to consider protective eyewear if your eyes are at risk. Your optometrist can advise you on the safety of wearing contacts when playing individual sports. They may recommend safety goggles or present other options.

Is it safe to wear color-blended contact lenses?

Wearing color-blended contact lenses is as safe as wearing any other type of contact lens. Be aware, though, that failing to follow usage and cleaning instructions can lead to infections, eye disease, damage to the cornea or even losing your eyesight.

From wearing to caring for your contact lenses, there are always specific guidelines that you should follow to safeguard your vision. Wearing colored lenses is fun, but you must care for them properly to safeguard your eyesight.

Caring for your FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses

Every Colorblends contact lens prescription and purchase comes with instructions and recommendations for care and wear. Observe these recommendations because they are for your protection.

Usage instructions

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when wearing your contact lenses. If your optometrist gives you different directions about how and when to use your Colorblends lenses, you should follow your doctor’s instructions. 

Replace Colorblends after 14 days

You should only wear FreshLook Colorblends for a maximum of two weeks, after which you should dispose of them to avoid the risk of developing an eye infection, injury or disease. Depending on the health of your eyes and what they can tolerate, your eye doctor may recommend an even shorter time.  Wearing them longer could damage your eyes irreparably. Remember, just because the lenses seem fine does not mean that they are, and it’s not worth risking your eyesight unnecessarily.

Do not wear your lenses while sleeping

You must remove your Colorblends at night. Never wear them while sleeping, as this can encourage a buildup of sediment and deprive your cornea of essential oxygen that can damage your eyes.

Practice meticulous hygiene

Maintain thorough hygiene habits when dealing with your lenses. Always use clean hands to insert and remove your contact lenses, and change the solution daily according to the bottle's instructions. Always sanitize the contact lens container daily to protect your eyesight.

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FreshLook Colorblends colors give you a wide selection of contact lens shades to enhance or change your look. Whether for everyday wear or a night out on the town, Colorblends are a great way to express your personal style.

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