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How to take out contact lenses video transcript

Removing your contact lenses each night helps keep your eyes safe and healthy. If you’re new to contacts and need a little help, follow these step-by-step instructions for how to safely remove your contact lenses.

Step one: Wash your hands with soap and water. You should only touch your eyes or handle your contact lenses after you’ve carefully washed your hands. This helps prevent infection. After washing, dry your hands with a clean, lint-free towel.

Step two: Make sure your lens storage case is empty. Flip over your contact case and shake out any leftover contact lens solution, then turn the case upside down on a clean towel and let it air dry. Always empty out all of your old solution. Never “top off” old contact solution with new solution. 

Step three: Remove your first contact lens. While standing in front of a mirror, pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your dominant hand. For example: If you’re right-handed, use your right hand to remove the contact from your right eye.

Carefully slide the contact lens down toward your lower eyelid using the index (or pointer) finger of your dominant hand. Gently pinch the lens with the pads of your pointer finger and thumb to remove it from your eye.

Once you’ve successfully removed one contact lens, repeat this process on your other eye using your non-dominant hand. Try to always remove the same lens first (right eye or left eye) to avoid confusion.

Step four: Clean or throw out your contact lenses. If you wear daily disposable lenses, simply toss your contacts in the trash at the end of the day. 

If you don’t wear daily disposables, you should clean your contacts after removing them. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by your eye care professional, the contact solution label or the lens manufacturer. Use only recommended multipurpose solutions to clean your contacts; don’t use homemade solutions.

Step five: Put your contacts in the storage case. If you store your contacts in a multipurpose solution, put your contacts in a storage case and cover them with fresh contact solution. Close the storage case securely and put the case in a safe place. 

If you use a hydrogen peroxide-based solution to store your contacts, follow the product instructions carefully to make sure it works as intended.

Be sure to practice proper contact lens care and cleaning to keep your eyes comfortable and your vision clear. 

For more information on contact lenses, visit Allaboutvision.com

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