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Test your eyesight at home with our vision quiz

woman covering her eye during eye test

What is your visual acuity (how sharp is your vision)? Might you have an astigmatism? Are you light sensitive? Do you have trouble with your near vision (reading text messages, for example)?

All About Vision has added four basic vision tests to help you determine if you should consult an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam.

At-home vision test options

In just a few moments, our four vision tests will give a quick indication of the clarity of your vision, whether you have an astigmatism, have trouble with bright or dim light and whether you need some help to read food labels or the dials on your dashboard.

The first vision test assesses your visual acuity, then tests for astigmatism, then light sensitivity and near vision. Cover one eye, follow the prompts on the right, then repeat with your other eye covered.

Simple and quick — and maybe even fun, too.

The tests have no diagnostic value, though. If they indicate potential vision difficulties, we recommend you follow up with a comprehensive eye health exam with a vision care professional.

Talk to your eye doctor

As a reminder: At-home vision tests can’t replace a comprehensive eye exam and should never be used to self-diagnose. Glasses or contact lenses can correct all of the vision issues

If you think you need vision correction, it’s always best to call your optometrist or ophthalmologist for a full checkup.

Not only will they be able to set you up with glasses, contact lenses or a recommendation for another form of vision correction, they’ll also be able to diagnose potential eye health problems.

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