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Martha Elaine Belden, Digital Content Editor

Martha Elaine Belden is a digital content editor for All About Vision and has worn glasses since she was 13 years old. She was born, raised and continues to live in Texas. Martha is vigilant about her vision and eye health. In addition to strictly adhering to annual comprehensive eye exams, she also has an affinity for eyewear and has around 10 pairs of glasses and more than 20 pairs of sunglasses.

Martha has written for and edited national and international periodicals ranging in interest from the default mortgage industry to high-end decor and design to small business entrepreneurship. She worked as a consultant specializing in HR and employee communications, and she has edited oncology and hematology continuing education materials. Martha has also written SEO and deep-search web copy for dentists and oral surgeons nationwide and was the Editorial and Creative Director for an arts-based non-profit organization for several years. 

For seven years, she was a senior copy editor for the world’s second-largest marketing and advertising agency. And for 17 years (and counting), she has written and edited; run social media campaigns; and creatively consulted for law firms, artists, fashion designers, non-profit groups and small businesses.

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