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Pet Pawtection: How to look after your pet’s eyes

infographic on pet eye health

Did you know that, like humans, dogs can experience allergies and other serious eye infections that can have a long-term impact on their health? 

According to an All About Vision survey of 1,000 UK pet owners, an alarming percentage admitted to not knowing whether their furry friends have allergies. 

Equally concerning was the number of pet owners who wouldn’t know if their pet was suffering from eye disease, or the impact on their pets’ eyes if these diseases were left untreated. 

It’s important that pet owners know the signs of eye disease. Because, if it’s left untreated, it can lead to intense pain and suffering. It could also result in permanent damage, such as corneal scarring and partial or total blindness. 

Here’s how UK pet owners responded: 


We even found out the 10 cities in the UK that are best at pawtecting their pet’s eyes:


All About Vision wants to raise awareness on eye diseases in pets and how important it is to look after our pets’ eyes to avoid irreversible damage. 

Leading Medical Reviewer and specialist in veterinary medicine, Dr Matthew Belden, provides his top tips on how to look after your pets eyes and how to spot the signs that something may be wrong:


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