Coronavirus Italy

Coronavirus has all of us scared, but taking some simple steps can reduce your risk and the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, a respiratory disease that can be fatal.

Coronavirus and your eyes

How are coronavirus and your eyes related? That is what this section is all about. All About Vision articles cover "Coronavirus and your eyes," "Common coronavirus eye symptoms," "Coronavirus and conjunctivitis," "Face masks don't protect your eyes," "Glasses or contact lenses during coronavirus pandemic?," "Face shields, eye goggles advised to prevent COVID-19 spread" and more.

Coronavirus has changed eye care. Many eye doctors are switching to virtual visits and going the extra mile (or at least 6 feet) to ensure patient and customer safety during eye exams and when selecting frames or fixing broken glasses. Coronavirus has changed our lives. Many of us are working from home, almost all of us are sheltering in place, and we definitely are spending more time on our digital devices as we try to pass the time.

All About Vision can help you better cope in these challenging times. Miss that rush you used to get at the gym? Get inspired as "Team Oakley athletes share their at-home workouts." If you are spending a lot more time on Zoom meetings, read our "Guide to look your best while you're stuck at home."

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