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4 advantages of readers while stuck at home

woman reading a book during quarantine wearing reading glasses

Isolation presents a perfect opportunity to get back into an old interest or hobby. Maybe one of those interests is reading books, a pastime that’s been partially lost in the digital age.

All over the world, people are dusting off old books and e-readers that have gone untouched for months (or years).

Reading can be enlightening, entertaining or even emotional — but immersing yourself in a good book isn’t as easy when the words on the page aren’t in focus.

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Keeping a pair of readers handy can remove the nagging discomfort of blurry vision. Here are a few reasons why a good pair of reading glasses might be calling your name.

Reading glasses improve close-up focus

Presbyopia is the natural loss of near-focusing flexibility in your eyes — it’s a completely normal process that usually starts sometime after age 40. This is why reading, especially smaller print, gradually becomes more difficult with age.

Readers can help alleviate the reduced ability to clearly focus on small, close-up words and objects. In addition to correcting the wearer’s close-up vision, they also provide a slight level of magnification. Combine the two, and reading becomes a pleasant and relaxing activity again.

Storing a pair of readers in a nearby drawer or pocket means they’ll always be available, whenever you need them.

Reading glasses don’t always require a prescription

Scheduling an eye exam with an optometrist is no easy task these days. Almost all are fully or at least partially closed, accepting only emergency patients. Luckily, you can often get your own pair of readers without the need for a prescription.

Next time you make a trip to the pharmacy or grocery store, check out their reading glasses rack. You’ll see a wide variety of styles and lens powers available. Give a few pairs quick test runs until you find your correct viewing power.

That said, stay mindful of the fact that people probably tried on that same pair of glasses before you did. Bring a few sanitizing wipes along and clean any parts of the frames that make skin contact, just to be safe. Then, once you own a pair, be sure to clean your glasses regularly.

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Readers are affordable and accessible

Readers can be found in almost any supermarket and drugstore in America. You might even find a pair you like at the dollar store. With that kind of accessibility comes plenty of cheap options, especially reading glasses that don’t require prescriptions.

Readers are also readily available online, often costing you less than a month of your favorite streaming service. Shopping with online retailers like Amazon, EyeBuyDirect, Walmart, or Readers.com, will give you an almost unfathomable range of colors, styles and materials to choose from.

The best part about shopping online? It gives you one less reason to leave your home during self-isolation.

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Reading glasses aren’t just for books

Books might not be for everyone, but bookworms and non-bookworms alike still need to read a variety of material throughout the course of the day. Coronavirus quarantines have also led to an increase in computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone usage.

Readers make it easier to read almost any kind of text viewed at close distance. Although a digital screen won’t be as easy to read as a page in a book, the magnification and correction of reading glasses still offer noticeable benefits.

There are even readers specially made to block the harmful blue light that comes from digital screens. Blue light contributes to digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. This condition can lead to blurry vision and headaches during times of extended screen use, as well as disrupting sleep patterns.

Untreated presbyopia can cause many of the same symptoms, so combining the two can result in some serious visual discomfort. Readers specifically made for computer use can treat two very different conditions simultaneously.

From emails to e-readers, reading glasses can have a positive impact on day-to-day life after 40, with accessible convenience and minimal financial impact.

THINK YOU NEED A READING GLASSES PRESCRIPTION? Talk to an eye doctor near you to schedule a virtual appointment or ask for advice on how to get a prescription without compromising your health during quarantine.

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