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[00:00:01] What is pupillary distance and how to measure it?

[00:00:06] When ordering your next pair of dream glasses online, you'll need to know your PD or pupillary distance.

What is pupillary distance? Your pupillary distance or PD is the distance between your pupils. A correct PD drives comfort and determines how well your glasses will fit.

How to measure your pupillary distance:

Method number one, use a ruler to check your PD.

For this method. You will need a millimeter ruler and a mirror.

[00:00:32] If you don't have a ruler, you can download one at AllAboutVision.com. . Stand 8 inches from a mirror, hold the ruler just above your eyes and flat against your brow line.

Close your right eye. Now a align the ruler 0 to the center of your left eye. Don't move the ruler and record the measurement from your ruler 0 to your right pupil. This distance is your PD.

If you are far sighted or have reading glasses, subtract 3 millimeters.

The average puplillary distance for men is 64 millimeters and 61.7 millimeters for women.

Another method for checking your PD is using your existing glasses.

For this method, you will need your existing glasses, a felt tip marker and a millimeter ruler.

[00:01:19] With your glasses on, focus on an object about 20 feet from where you are while sitting or standing. Make a tiny mark with the marker where the object appears in your right eyeglass lens.

Repeat on the other side. Both marks should line up into a single dot in your field of vision as you are focusing on the object.

[00:01:35] Take off your glasses and measure the distance between the two dots with your ruler.

[00:01:40] This is your PD. There you go. Now that you have your PD measurement, you can purchase your new great fitting eyeglass frames.

[00:01:49] Find your next pair of eyeglasses at AllAboutVision.com.

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