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Is LASIK Performed On Both My Eyes The Same Day?

LASIK typically is a bilateral procedure — meaning it is performed on both eyes during the same surgical session.

LASIK surgery is very safe, and the procedure takes only about 10 minutes per eye, so usually there is no reason to schedule separate surgical times for each eye.

If you want to have LASIK performed on each eye on separate days, your surgeon will likely honor your wishes; but additional fees may apply. Also, depending on your eyeglass prescription, it may be uncomfortable having one eye corrected and the other eye uncorrected between separate surgery days.

An exception to LASIK being performed bilaterally might be if a person is mildly nearsighted in both eyes and also has presbyopia. The patient and surgeon might agree that it's better to have LASIK performed on just one eye in such a situation to create a monovision effect, which would reduce the need for reading glasses after surgery.

Another exception might be when a person needs a LASIK enhancement performed on just one eye to further sharpen vision in that eye after a primary LASIK procedure.

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