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Myopia signs and symptoms video transcript

Without an eye exam, it can be difficult to recognize that your child has a vision problem.

It’s common for kids with myopia to not notice subtle changes in their vision — especially if they’ve been dealing with a vision problem for a long time. For this reason, kids may not mention vision changes to their parents. That’s why as a parent it’s important to look out for signs of myopia in your child.

The first sign of myopia is difficulty seeing distant objects clearly. You may notice this when your child sits too close to the TV, or shows disinterest in activities that require them to focus at a distance.

Another sign of myopia is squinting when looking at or reading things at a distance. Squinting can temporarily improve blurry vision, so if you notice your child squinting a lot, they may be having trouble seeing.  

Eye strain may be another sign of myopia. Children experiencing eye strain may complain of headaches, or sore, tired eyes. They may also rub their eyes frequently. 

Myopia can progress throughout childhood, and usually stabilizes by age 20. However it’s possible for myopia to continue into a person’s mid to late 20s. 

Regular eye exams ensure your child’s eye and vision health. If you notice any of these signs of myopia, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist today. 

For more information about myopia, visit allaboutvision.com/myopia.

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