Video: Importance of eye exams for children

Importance of eye exams for children video transcript

Regular eye exams are just as important for children as they are for adults. 

80% of classroom learning is visual. Making sure your child’s vision is at its best puts them on the path to academic success

Schools are required to provide vision screenings for students. However, a vision screening is not the same as an eye exam

Vision screenings may detect a problem in your child, but do not provide a diagnosis or offer correction or treatment. 

During a child’s eye exam, a pediatric eye doctor will take the child’s medical history. This lets them know if there’s something they should look for during the exam.

They will examine how the eyes look on the outside, and see how well the eyes work together as a team. They’ll also test the child’s visual acuity, which is how sharp and clear their vision is.

The eye doctor will also use an instrument with a bright light and high magnification that lets them examine the outside and inside of the eyes closely. This ensures that the eye is healthy and everything is working as it should.

Parents usually prioritize taking their child to the pediatrician and dentist for routine visits. Annual comprehensive eye exams for your child are just as important

Your child should be seen by an eye doctor at least once before the age of five. Once your child begins school, they should be seen once a year, preferably in the fall before school starts. 

Make your child’s vision a priority. Visit allaboutvision.com and click on “find an eye doctor” to schedule an eye exam today.

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