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Myopia is a vision condition that causes distant objects to appear blurry while close-up objects look clear. The issue typically begins in childhood and can worsen as your child gets older. 

One in four parents have a child with myopia. 75% of these children are diagnosed between the ages of three and twelve.

Myopia usually occurs when the eye grows slightly longer than it should. This prevents light from coming to a focus on the retina, and makes distant objects look blurry. 

Myopia is a global issue. Right now, it is estimated that 34% of the world population has myopia. By 2050, researchers believe half of the world population will have myopia, and nearly 10% will have high myopia.

High myopia increases your child’s risk of developing serious vision conditions later in life. These can include retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts

Experts have developed strategies to slow — or control — myopia progression, but here are some helpful tips you can do at home: 

First: Get your child’s eyes examined regularly. 

Remember, a vision screening is not the same as a comprehensive eye exam. It’s important for your child to get regular eye exams from an eye doctor, starting at six months old, then at three, and again at age five or six. Children diagnosed with myopia or another vision problem should have their eyes examined every 12 months, or as otherwise instructed by their eye doctor.

Next: Remind your child to take breaks when doing near work. 

Near work is any activity that requires your child to focus on things up-close. This includes reading, coloring, and using tablets and other digital screens. Remind them to take frequent breaks during long periods of near work. If possible, have them go outside for at least five minutes and focus on distant objects.

Encourage your child to play outside. Spending at least two hours outside per day is important for your child’s vision. It is more effective in reducing their risk of myopia if the outside activity immediately follows near work.

With proper awareness and action, you can delay the onset or slow the progression of myopia in your child, giving them a clearer and brighter future.

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