What Is Myopia?

Learn about myopia, an eye problem that's becoming more common every year.

Video: What Is Myopia?

This video covers the ins and outs of nearsightedness (myopia) including who it affects, potential risks, and how to correct it.

Is my child at risk?

Take this short quiz to find out if your child could have undiagnosed myopia.

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Is Your Child at Risk for Myopia?

How you can help reduce your child's risk of developing myopia.

What Is Bilateral Myopia?

Bilateral myopia is nearsightedness that affects both eyes. Learn more about myopia, including the symptoms and how it can be corrected.

Popular Book and Movie Characters Who Wear Glasses

Getting glasses can be tough for kids. This list of favorite book and movie characters who wear glasses can help you show yours that wearing glasses is cool.

What are Myopia and Myopia Control?

Get details on the causes, symptoms and management of this common vision condition.