Myopia Resources

Tools and videos to help you and your family better understand myopia (nearsightedness).

Myopia Simulator

See what your child sees

Importance of Eye Exams for Children [Video]

Learn why comprehensive eye exams are important for a child's development and learning, and what to expect during a child's eye exam.

Infographics & Quizzes

What are the effects of screen time on children?

Excessive screen time can cause harmful effects on kids’ vision, academic performance and even their mental health.

What’s the difference between eye exams and vision screenings?

Both vision screenings and eye exams are important for kids’ eye health. But only eye exams can provide diagnoses and treatment.

Limit Your Child’s Screen Time Using Apps

This cheat sheet will help you know when your kid needs a screen break.

Infographic: What To Know if Your Child Is Nearsighted

These myopia facts can help you better understand your child's nearsightedness.

Myopia Infographic

Infographic about myopia and your child