Men's eyeglasses trends: Hot, popular frame styles


Stylish glasses for men are the rage – even for those without prescriptions. (Shhh — we won’t tell.)

And there’s nothing shady about swapping lenses to refresh a pair you already own.

Here's a quick look at what's buzzy and trendy in men's eyeglasses styles:

Men's aviators

Check out the latest aviator eyeglasses  styles.


This classic glasses style , launched in 1936 to protect pilots’ peepers, took off when Marlon Brando’s biker donned them in 1951’s "The Wild One," then soared as a perennial via Tom Cruise’s flyboy in 1986’s "Top Gun."

Have you checked out the trailer for the "Top Gun: Maverick" sequel due to hit theaters in 2020? You no doubt noticed the aviators are front and center again.

Update: Gold metal or skinny navy acetate modernize frames, as do yellow, ombré or reflective lenses.

See: J. Lo-era A-Rod, as he tries to hide in plain sight.

Perfect for: shredded jeans and scuffed leather moto-jackets.

Pass on: Brando’s rolled sleeves.

Men's double-bar aviators

Double-bar aviators

This ’70s revival resurfaced on Ryan Gosling IRL (In Real Life) and as a sleazy P.I. in 2016’s "The Nice Guys." Design inspiration? Probably über cool actor Steve McQueen.

Update: Black acetate rims and pale yellow lenses have proven to be Mission: Possible on Prince William and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, who adopted the stylish men’s glasses Cruise wore in last year’s "M:I Fallout."

Perfect for: round faces, like "The Aviator" star and aviator glasses fan Leonardo DiCaprio’s.

Pass on: Gosling’s not-so-nice retro attire of leisure suits, short-sleeve shirts and a porn-stache in his flick.

Men's Wayfarers

Check out the latest Ray-Ban Wayfarer  styles.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

You can’t go wrong with this late-‘50s to ‘60s retro classic worn by Cary Grant in scary "North by Northwest."

Update: black lenses with black acetate frames on Daniel Craig’s Bond in 2015’s "Spectre."

See: Clark Kent on screen and Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt on red carpets.

Perfect for: hiding in plain sight.

Pass on: naming your kid after a Hitchcock thriller.

Men's chemistry lab shields

Ski goggles and chemistry lab shields

Think space aliens hitting the slopes.

See: this ‘70s rebirth on designer glasses for men’s runways of Rick Owens, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and many more.

Perfect for: anywhere other than sports or science labs. (Irony is more hip.)

Pass on: accessorizing with a white lab coat.

Men's square eyeglass frames

Squares and rectangles

These flat-top stylish glasses for men prove it’s hip to be square.

Update: vivid colors.

See: Gucci and Dries van Noten’s runways.

Perfect for: round or narrow faces.

Pass on: basic brown. Boooring.

Men's out-there glasses

Out there

Once “readers” for mid-life crises, these edgy, elongated and oddly-shaped futuristic frames label you as arty.

Update: anything unexpected.

See: brazenly bespectacled Jeff Goldblum.

Perfect for: nightclubs, poetry readings, Broadway and art galleries.

Pass on: hogging these. Expect to fight your significant other for joint custody.

Men's bold eyeglasses frames


These men's eyeglasses styles were popular in the ‘60s, ‘80s, oughts - take your pick. But trust us: They’re baaack.

See: late designer Karl Lagerfeld, whose lenses matched his supersized black frames.

Perfect for: padded shoulder blazers (also baaack).

Pass on: a ponytail as Lagerfeld’s legacy.

Men's round eyeglasses frames


A round we go, with this square-jaw softener, once the geek-chic domain of eggheads, philosophers, artists and architects.

Update: Strike gold, the ore of choice for 2019 and beyond, or score with a vivid acetate frame.

See: Stanley Tucci and predecessors Beatle John Lennon, architect Philip Johnson and painter David Hockney, all men’s round eyeglasses lovers.

Perfect for: law offices and artist hangouts.

Pass on: so-over silver and stainless-steel rims.

Men's horn-rim eyeglasses frames

Horn rims

What make these basics new again are bold hues.

Update: blown-up prints and riffs, such as camouflage.

See: Brooklyn Beckham at Cannes Film Festival.

Perfect for: getting attention.

Pass on: classic tortoise shell.

Men's cool eyeglasses frames

Funky chunky

Thick frames proclaim wearers as mad creatives and add heft to reed-thin bodies.

See: ‘80s grunge guru Kurt Cobain.

Perfect for: movie sets, SXSW, Coachella and design studios.

Pass on: heavy metal. Been there, done that.

Men's ecological eyeglasses frames


Gen-Z drives sustainable fashion, including men’s frames of biodegradable acetate or recycled and found materials.

See: anybody under 35 or who longs to be guilt-free.

Pass on: faux wood acetate. (If you do fake it, keep it quiet!)

How to pick your glasses: Style and facial fit

So which men's eyeglasses style will look best on you? The mirror or a virtual try-on tool may hold the answer. Your face shape may dictate which frames suit you best — but let your intuition guide you as well.

Also keep in mind comfort, fit and durability of your eyeglasses.

If you're torn between men's eyeglasses styles, even after looking in a mirror, ask your mate or a fashionable friend to weigh in on your choices.

In the end, though, choose the glasses — classy, snazzy, bold or hip — that make you smile.

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Page updated August 2019


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