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Everything you need to know about Mighty Sight glasses

If you struggle with eye strain while trying to read fine print or frequently work in low-light conditions, you might consider purchasing a pair of Mighty Sight LED magnifying glasses. As seen on TV, Mighty Sight eyewear is among the most convenient, versatile, affordable and effective visual aids on the market. 

Featuring a unisex design that fits comfortably over any style of prescription eyewear, Mighty Sight vision glasses work to enhance your sight and reduce eye strain. 

Mighty Sight glasses are designed to help you see better while reading at night or to enhance your vision for detail-oriented work, like jewelry-making, embroidery and other crafts. They can help you see clearer for longer periods of time, mitigating the negative effects of eye strain.  

Why buy Mighty Sight glasses? 

The primary goal of Mighty Sight glasses (as seen on TV) is to help improve your ability to see small objects, even in low-light conditions. 

Each pair of Mighty Sight glasses is designed with special HD optical quality lenses that provide 160% magnification. This can be a great boon to people who suffer from eye conditions such as hyperopia (also known as farsightedness) or presbyopia, as the magnification properties of the lenses can help significantly reduce eye strain. 

The glasses also come equipped with two built-in ultra-bright LED light bulbs that can illuminate objects in front of you, boosting your visibility even further and helping to reduce eye fatigue. This is great if you often find yourself reading or working in conditions without a lot of light. 

The magnification and illumination properties of Mighty Sight magnifier glasses are not the only benefits that come with owning a pair of these highly rated, versatile vision aids. Mighty Sight glasses can be easily charged again and again, ensuring quality use for a long time. The glasses also come with a USB charging cable and a convenient case for safe storage. 

What are Mighty Sight glasses good for?

As mentioned, Mighty Sight vision glasses are great for a wide range of detail-oriented work and activities. These are just some of the many tasks Mighty Sight glasses can make easier, thanks to their vision-enhancing and illuminating qualities:

  • Reading (especially small text or in dim settings)

  • Needlepoint and sewing

  • Jewelry-making 

  • Puzzles, mosaics and other detail-oriented arts and crafts

  • Carpentry

  • Plumbing

  • Repair work

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How to wear Mighty Sight LED glasses

Another benefit of Mighty Sight eyewear is how easy these glasses are to use. Mighty Sight’s unisex vision aids are great for both men and women and come in one size that conveniently fits all wearers. This means that one pair can be shared among family or friends, maximizing the product’s value but be sure to always clean and sanitize them between each user!

You can wear your pair of Mighty Sight glasses whether you wear contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. These glasses can be slipped right over your prescription frames, no matter what their size or shape. Mighty Sight eyewear can even be worn over sunglasses. 

They are lightweight and feature flexible frames, making them a durable option for vision enhancement that performs well in most conditions and environments. Whether you use your Mighty Sight eyewear every day or only once in a while, these glasses are dependable and sturdy, as well as functional and versatile. 

Mighty Sight glasses reviews 

But do Mighty Sight glasses work? Reviews for Mighty Sight glasses are generally quite positive, with most claiming that they make work and leisure activities such as crafts and reading easier and more enjoyable. Plus, there are many people with failing vision and eye conditions who depend on these glasses on a daily basis. 

TV Stuff Reviews, an online review site that assesses As Seen on TV products, stated that Mighty Sight glasses would be good for “anyone with vision difficulties or someone without vision problems who wants to see things up close.” 

Another reviewer on HSN wrote, “I use them every day for my art, reading labels, sewing, etc. I can read in bed without disturbing my husband, and every day, I find a new use for them.”

On Amazon, one reviewer purchased the glasses for their father, who had previously suffered an ocular stroke. This reviewer said, “These glasses made a big difference in a stroke victim’s life. If you or someone you know has vision issues that demand bright, expensive lighting, these reasonable glasses will be a comfortable and easy improvement to the quality of your life.”

Customers, in particular, seem to appreciate how easy it is to wear the glasses over prescription eyewear, as well as the low price. They also say they like that Mighty Sight glasses are rechargeable and that one size fits all.  

Why buy Mighty Sight glasses direct

One of the most common ways to purchase Mighty Sight glasses is to buy the product directly from the retailer at www.buymightysight.com. The glasses are listed for $19.99 on Mighty Sight’s official website, which is comparable to the list price for the same product by various third-party retailers, such as Walgreens, CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond. 

In addition to a competitive price, purchasing directly from the manufacturer lets you take advantage of different discounts and perks. One of the added benefits is Mighty Sight’s current double offer, which allows you to purchase a second pair of Mighty Sight glasses at a discount. Their bundle also includes a storage case, a USB charging cable and a cleaning cloth. 

How to upgrade your Mighty Sight glasses

Another benefit of purchasing directly from Mighty Sight’s official product website is that you’ll have the option to upgrade your Mighty Sight LED glasses with 20% brighter LED lights and a special lens coating that protects your eyewear against scratches and scuffs. 

Upgrading your glasses costs just $10. If you choose to upgrade your pair, you’ll also get a hard-shell storage case, and you’ll benefit from an extended warranty. 

Getting a warranty on your Mighty Sight glasses

Glasses purchased directly from Mighty Sight are covered by the brand’s 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee means that you have two months to return your glasses for a full refund (less shipping, handling and processing fees) if you aren’t satisfied with the product’s performance. 

Keep in mind though: A web service fee is added to each order, and non-continental U.S. orders incur an additional shipping surcharge. 

Other retailers that sell Mighty Sight glasses

There are a number of stores (both brick and mortar and online retailers) that sell this product at competitive prices, including: 

  • Walmart 

  • CVS 

  • Walgreens 

  • Bed Bath & Beyond 

  • Dr. Leonard’s

  • eBay 

  • Amazon 

Ready to buy your first pair of Mighty Sight glasses? Make sure you check Mighty Sight glasses availability with various retailers before purchasing a pair, as list prices can change and stores sometimes offer flash sales and limited-time discounts. 

Also consider whether the retailer you’re purchasing from includes free shipping and handling, as this can affect the final price.

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