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12 best glasses for kids in 2024

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Shopping for kids’ glasses

If your little one needs a new pair of glasses, there are lots of options that can make shopping for their glasses a bit overwhelming. I searched online and looked over features and reviews to find the best glasses for kids in a variety of categories.

From fashionable glasses to blue-light-filtering glasses to sports glasses, this list makes a good starting point to help narrow your choices. 

Best glasses for kids

When shopping for prescription glasses for kids, make sure your child has a current prescription. You may need to try a variety of kids' eyeglass frames to make sure you have the right style, size and fit. Remember that impact-resistant lenses and durable frames are top priorities when shopping for kids’ glasses.

Ray-Ban Junior RY1555

Style: Classic rectangle glasses for kids

Cost: $108 for frames + $60 and up for lenses ($168 and up total)

With rave customer reviews, these popular Ray-Ban Junior rectangular children's glasses are suitable for both boys and girls. They come in 12 color combinations, including violet with fuschia, transparent pink with red, brown with green, and clear with dark blue. You can buy these glasses here.

Vogue Jr VY2001

Style: Square glasses for kids

Cost: $85 for frames + $107 and up for lenses ($192 and up total)

The Vogue Jr VY2001 has a trendy square shape that comes in two colors: transparent violet and tortoise. A top pick for best designer glasses for kids, the lightweight acetate frames feature a Vogue logo on the temple. You can add anti-reflective coating to the lenses to turn these into anti-glare glasses. You can buy these glasses here.

Gizmo Rubber GZ 1009

Style: Oval rubber glasses for kids

Cost: $90 for frames + $60 and up for lenses ($150 and up total)

This style from Gizmo Eyewear is one of the best unbreakable glasses options for kids The oval single-bridge frames are made of rubber to undergo wear and tear from very active (and not very careful) babies, toddlers and kids. They come in bright and pastel colors, including: hot pink, lime green, neon orange, light blue, light pink and turquoise. You can buy these glasses here.

EBD Trust

Style: Modern cat-eye glasses for kids

Cost: $32 for frames + $7 and up for lenses ($39 and up total)

The modern Trust style from EyeBuyDirect gets high marks in its consumer reviews so they're a stellar pick for best affordable glasses for kids. The stylish cat-eyes may be a good choice if your child is rough on glasses or if you'd like to keep a few backup pairs around for emergencies. The clear acetate frames come in three go-with-anything color options: clear pink, clear blue and clear purple. You can buy these glasses here.

Best blue-light filtering glasses for kids

Even young kids often spend several hours a day looking at digital screens. Getting your child a pair of blue-light filtering glasses for kids may help to improve visual comfort during prolonged periods of screen time. Many of these glasses also include lenses that have a slight prescription, making it easier to focus on closely held devices. You can buy ready-made blue light glasses or add a blue-light filtering lens coating to the next pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses you order.

EBD Little Morning

Style: Round blue-light filtering glasses for kids

Cost: $15 for frames + $19 and up for blue light lenses ($34 and up total)

EyeBuyDirect’s clear round Little Morning glasses filter blue light for girls and boys. With good reviews, affordable frames and quality lenses, they're a top contender for best blue-light filtering glasses for kids this year. You can buy them here.

EBD Gizmo

Style: Rectangle blue light glasses for kids

Cost: $12 for frames + $19 and up for blue light lenses ($31 and up total)

The affordable blue-light filtering Gizmo glasses for kids get excellent reviews. They're a basic rectangle shape, and they come in two classic colors — navy and tortoise — to go with any outfit. They're a good choice for parents looking for low-cost, child-size blue light glasses. You can buy them here.

Simply Kids Clark

Style: Rectangle computer glasses for kids 

Cost: $22 with blue light filtering lenses included ($22 total)

The Simply Kids Clark blue light glasses from Peepers have a classic wayfarer shape in six color options: aqua, black, blue, pink, red and tortoise. While the lenses are non-prescription only, the glasses get good reviews and offer an affordable way to increase comfort during extended time on digital devices. You can buy them here.

Kids Colors Night Swannies

Style: Kids nighttime blue light glasses

Cost: $69 including blue light lenses ($69 total)

Night Swannies blue light glasses for kids were designed by Swanwick to help kids wind down before bedtime even if they stay glued to their devices. The glasses come with tinted lenses in three frame colors: blue, purple and black. Customers give the glasses high marks and many say their kids enjoy wearing them. You can buy Swannies here.

Best sports glasses for kids

If you have an active child or teen, a good pair of sports glasses for kids can help protect their eyes from potential injuries. However, if your child plays a sport that requires specialized eye protection, talk to your eye doctor about the best options for their specific needs. 

Listed below are some general picks for sporty glasses for kids with active lifestyles:

Oakley Full Count (Youth Fit)

Style: Colorful unisex sport glasses for kids

Cost: $119 for frames + $106 and up for lenses ($225 and up total) 

The Oakley Full Count is a winning pick for best sports glasses for kids in 2024. Durable enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of a variety of activities, Full Count is available with prescription lenses in three youth sizes. The lightweight frames have adjustable temples for a snug fit in six colors, including blue, black, camo, clear and smoke gray. You can buy them here.

Nike Kids 5513

Style: Rectangular sports glasses for kids

Cost: $148 for frames + $60 and up for lenses ($208 and uo total)

The sporty Nike Kids 5513 glasses are both ultralight and impact-resistant, which is a good combination for kids on the go. The frames have curved temples with wide tips to help the glasses stay securely in place. They come in four sporty color combinations, including lime green with black and red with navy. You can buy these glasses here.

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Best fake glasses for kids

Does your child need a pair of fake glasses for a costume, fashion statement or a little extra eye protection from germs and viruses? When buying fake glasses for kids, you'll still want to consider comfort, fit, durability, and, of course, style.

Little Charlotte

Style: Pink cat-eye glasses for kids

Cost: $29 for frames + $7 and up for non-prescription lenses ($36 and up total)

Little Charlotte glasses are super fun cat-eye frames available in both pink and clear. They're affordable, which is important because many parents may not want to spend a lot on non-prescription eyewear for kids. Overall, they offer a fun way for kids to make a style statement with eyewear.

Little Coexist

Style: Browline black glasses for kids

Cost: $15 for frames + $7 and up for non-prescription lenses ($22 and up total)

The Little Coexist glasses are fun and trendy with browline black retro frames, and they’ll add a nice finishing touch to your stylish child’s favorite outfits. With good reviews and an affordable price, the plastic and metal frames are a good choice for low-cost, non-prescription kids’ glasses.

What are the best anti-glare glasses for kids?

Getting glasses with an anti-reflective lens coating (AR coating) can give your child sharper vision while they're playing outside or sitting in front of a screen. This allows teachers, family and friends to see their eyes and facial expressions better for improved communication. 

You can turn any glasses into anti-glare glasses by adding anti-reflective coating when you order them. Sometimes the coating comes as a standard feature, but it’s typically an optional add-on (with a fee). For example, it would cost an extra $42 at LensCrafters to add AR coating to a pair of Vogue Jr glasses.

If you’re shopping online, make sure to add AR coating when you select lenses for the frames your child picks. You can add anti-glare coating to prescription or non-prescription glasses.

Take your child to see an eye doctor

If your child wears prescription eyeglasses (or you think they might need glasses), take them for a visit to the eye doctor to make sure their prescription is up to date. Your doctor can offer advice on the benefits of anti-glare and blue-light filtering lens coatings, protective sports goggles and other specialized eyewear for your kids.

Many eye doctors’ offices also have an optician on-site who can help your child pick out frames that will fit well and help them see their best.

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