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How to find the best scratch-resistant sunglasses

Scratch resistant sunglasses

What are the best scratch-resistant sunglasses? Shades that can stand up to scratches from sand at the beach and the usual wear and tear.

While no sunglasses lenses are 100% scratch-proof, you can purchase scratch-resistant lenses next time you’re in the market for new sunglasses. You can even have a scratch-resistant coating added to sunglasses you already own and love.

What kind of sunglasses are scratch-resistant?

The type of lens you choose affects how scratch-resistant your sunglasses will be. 

For example, plastic lenses are more impact resistant than glass lenses, but they can become scratched more easily if they don’t have a protective coating. 

There are sunglasses lenses made specifically to resist scratching. And most lenses today include a scratch-resistant coating

Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are more impact-resistant than glass and plastic lenses, and both usually have a built-in scratch-resistant coating. This coating also can make their surface nearly as hard as glass. 

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses in sunglasses are extremely impact- and scratch-resistant. They are thinner and lighter than standard plastic options, and they’re impressively durable. 

Polycarbonate is common in safety glasses and children’s eyewear, because the lenses are less likely to fracture and scratch than regular plastic lenses. They also are good for rimless eyewear in which the lenses are attached to the frame components with drill mountings.

Trivex lenses

Trivex sunglasses lenses are composed of a newer plastic made from a cast molding process similar to how regular plastic lenses are made. Trivex lenses have characteristics similar to those of polycarbonate lenses and are just as, if not more, lightweight, impact- and scratch-resistant. 

LOOKING TO REPLACE YOUR SCRATCHED-UP SUNGLASSES? Shop for scratch-resistant shades at an optical store near you or at an online eyewear retailer.

Is there a way to make sunglasses scratch resistant?

If you already have a pair of sunglasses you love and want to make them more scratch-resistant, get them treated with a scratch-resistant coating.

Lenses treated on both their front and back sides with a scratch-resistant coating have a much harder surface, which makes them more resistant to scratching.

If you buy your sunglasses from a vision center or retail store, make sure the lenses include a scratch-resistant coating because these coatings are often optional. 

Also, ask about a warranty on any sunglasses lenses treated with scratch-resistant coating. This will ensure that you can get your lenses easily replaced if they do scratch.

Keep in mind that even the best scratch-resistant coating can’t protect your lenses 100%, so, taking care of them is a good way to prevent scratching. 

How to safeguard your sunglasses (and prevent scratches)? Store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use and clean them regularly. Also, clean your lenses with a microfiber cloth and a solution recommended by your optician.

Our list of the best scratch-resistant sunglasses

If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses that already has a scratch-resistant coating, we've tried to make it easy by rounding up a list of the seven of the best scratch-resistant sunglasses.

Here's our short list of best scratch-resistant sunglasses (in no particular order), based on the product details of scores of sunglasses:

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are engineered with scratch-resistant lenses. The O Matter material makes them lightweight and durable, while providing 100% protection against UV rays.

DUCO Sports Polarized Sunglasses feature TAC polarized triacetate lenses that are impact and scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. The UV400 protection coating blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and helps eliminate reflected or scattered light.

Costa Saltbreak sunglasses are simple shades with tough, durable nylon hinges and polarized lenses. These fishing sunglasses come in a variety of colors and are versatile enough for any adventure.

Kent King Mirrored Classic Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses include an FDA-approved anti-scratch Nylon lens, a polyamide TR90 durable lightweight frame and offer 100% UV protection.

Maui Jim Kanaha-909 sunglasses feature polycarbonate polarized lenses in a lightweight frame. Its patented Polarized Plus lenses also offer high UV protection in a sporty style. 

Fantail Polarized sunglasses feature a polycarbonate and Trivex lens and frames that are impact, scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.

Ray-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer sunglasses feature the legendary Ray-Ban crystal lenses. Made from high-quality glass, these lenses feature 100% UV protection, scratch-resistant lenses and durable nylon frames. 

NOT QUITE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? Shop for scratch-resistant sunglasses at an optical store near you or an online eyewear retailer.

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