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FAQ: How should glasses fit my nose?

The nose pads of your eyeglasses should sit comfortably on either side of your nose so your glasses don't slip down when you move your head around. Your eyeglasses also shouldn't leave a mark or dig into your nose; that's a sign your nose pads are too tight and need to be adjusted. 

You can gently push together or pull apart your nose pads to adjust your glasses, or you can visit an eye doctor.

You should check the bridge width of your glasses for the best nose fit. This is the gap above your nose between your glasses and the middle number in a set of eyeglass measurements. Find yours by measuring horizontally, at the top of the bridge, from the edge of one lens to the other. This number is usually between 14 and 24.

If your glasses are plastic and are too loose or too tight, you may need to find another pair of frames with a more suitable bridge width that ensures your glasses stay put without digging and causing marks. 

See an eye doctor to get the most accurate bridge width measurements and best-fitting glasses for your face.

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